Data Analysis

The nine things you need to know about the European patent landscape

There was a drop in filings and grants at the EPO last year, while Samsung reclaimed title of top filer and medical innovations surged

17 March 2021

Chinese IP firm named as top PCT representative for 2020

We reveal the 50 law and attorney practices that submitted the most published PCT applications last year, as well as the top US and European based firms

05 March 2021

German and UK IP firms dominate top EPO representative list for 2020

Hoffmann Eitle filed more applications on behalf of clients than anyone else last year, followed by Grünecker and Dehns

04 March 2021

Inside the patent holdings of the companies at the cutting edge of battery technology

LG Chem, Toyota, Samsung SDI and Panasonic lead in the predominant area of lithium-ion, but solid-state is still ripe for disruption

26 February 2021

Dialog’s patents will boost Renesas’ fast growing licensing business

The purchase of the UK chipmaker will contribute to the monetisation programme’s potential, particularly within circuit technologies

19 February 2021

The cleantech gap in Big Oil patent portfolios spells more M&A in the sector

The supermajors are not creating big IP stockpiles in green energy, which means there could be opportunities for others

13 February 2021

IBM now abandoning patents up for renewal at rate of over 50%

The perennial recipient of the most US grants annually has always been quick to then let them go, but data indicates a hastening trend over recent years

05 February 2021

The size and scope of Huawei’s patent portfolio makes an important statement

Political circumstances have weighed the company down, but its IP is a constant reminder of its presence and innovative strength

29 January 2021

The top patent prosecution firms in the US for 2020

Data shows that Oblon retained the number one spot but has lost some steam, while Fish & Richardson made big gains

22 January 2021

US patent grants declined in 2020, but remain at historically high levels

The data shows that IBM retained its perennial number one slot, while there were fewer Japanese recipients and more patents issued to Chinese businesses

15 January 2021

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