Data Analysis

As the pandemic bit, Schaeffler Group, Sanofi and Abbott led the way with US patent abandonments in 2020

Exclusive IAM analysis reveals how leading businesses in seven industries handled renewals at the height of the covid-19 crisis

21 May 2021

Finding out who owns a patent is far harder than it should be – and that’s a problem

Lack of transparency around ownership is not always deliberate, but seeing through the fog is vital if IP is ever to become a fully-fledged asset class

14 May 2021

LG’s smartphone portfolio is a treasure trove of high-quality 4G and 5G SEPs

The South Korean company is reportedly looking for buyers of its mobile patents. Given what may be available, it shouldn’t have to try too hard

07 May 2021

Newcomers to the lucrative streaming market are vulnerable to patent attack

Peloton, Icon Health & Fitness and Lululemon have each been sued for infringement by Dish Network in a litigation campaign that highlights the risk for businesses operating outside their core competency

30 April 2021

M&A moves by Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft and Apple have had significant patent pay-offs

Deal making is an important way for tech giants to strengthen their portfolios, but increasing regulatory scrutiny could jeopardise the strategy

23 April 2021

Top EV automakers’ patent portfolios indicate continued need for strategic alliances

Hyundai, Nissan and BYD own the most robust electrical power systems IP, but data reveals differing priorities for leading manufacturers

16 April 2021

Sony’s strategy for IP success makes it rare among Japanese businesses

The company’s creative use of patents over the years has enabled multiple acquisitions and helped underpin a major business transformation

09 April 2021

BOE Technology’s patent portfolio explosion gives it a lot of firepower

The Chinese company's IP stockpile has quadrupled in size over the last decade - a necessary expansion for an increasingly influential global tech player

02 April 2021

Grants of diagnostic patents climb in the US despite 101 uncertainty

Life sciences innovators have struggled with patentability since Mayo, but the data shows it’s not all bad news

26 March 2021

US patent damages in 2020 broke records, but don’t get too hung up on the numbers

This week we dive into the data to understand how awards have changed over the years while revealing those most frequently on the receiving end (hint: it’s Apple)

19 March 2021

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