Data Analysis

How a new business strategy at GlobalFoundries has affected its push for patents

The semiconductor company is taking a narrower approach to both R&D and IP procurement as it focuses on the foundry market

14 October 2021

Analysis indicates that Access Advance is currently the top HEVC patent pool

Licensees get access to higher-quality rights via the platform than those available through Velos Media and MPEG-LA

07 October 2021

Inside the record of the patent litigator touted as Biden’s USPTO chief choice

Analysis shows that Winston & Strawn’s Kathi Vidal has represented accused infringers 85% of the time in court – with Apple, Microsoft and SAP among her biggest clients

06 October 2021

Data indicates Albright is less patentee-friendly than Gilstrap

A comparison between four major US patent venues – EDTX, WDTX, DDE and NDCA – shows the first is best for plaintiffs, the last for defendants

01 October 2021

It’s tech, not patents, that makes Qualcomm a royalty-generating machine

The chip giant has built a high-quality portfolio, but it’s world class innovation that ultimately drives the billion-dollar licensing returns each quarter

23 September 2021

Buyers are acquiring high-quality Toshiba patents, but it has plenty more on tap

A deep dive into the Japanese company’s portfolio in the wake of its recent IP dealmaking streak

21 September 2021

Inflated patent filings of low quality the outcome of China’s subsidies, new research finds

Despite the many flaws, though, ultimately the strategy may have built a level of IP awareness in the country that otherwise would not exist

10 September 2021

Pfizer: light on patent filings and heavy on abandonments

An IP purge between 2011 and 2015 saw the lapse of many of the rights the pharma giant developed itself, as well as a number of those it had acquired

07 September 2021

China’s overseas patent application volume remains high, but growth is slowing

The country’s subsidy policy is coming to an end and this could accelerate the trend

20 August 2021

Elon Musk does not hate patents and Tesla’s famous pledge is not as generous as it seems

Only a minority of families within the portfolio are subject to the company’s policy of allowing others to practise on its IP without fear of recrimination

13 August 2021

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