Data Analysis

The most experienced ITC patent litigation firms and their track records

Docket Navigator data shows how the busiest practices in the US International Trade Commission have performed for clients over the past five years

28 November 2022

Analog Devices, AMD settle after PTAB duel killed each other's patents

Docket Navigator research shows they fired 17 IPRs at each other and suffered casualties – but both also emerged with a gold-plated asset

21 November 2022

Revealed: US filing trends, patent verdicts and competitor litigation detente

The second instalment of the joint IAM-Docket Navigator US litigation report focuses on the most contentious technology centres in 2022’s third quarter

18 November 2022

​Who is Mavexar and why is it cold-calling for future owners of IP Edge NPEs?

Revelations at a recent court hearing provide estimates of IP Edge's licensing deal values and uncover unusual business practices

14 November 2022

Farewell, Fintiv discretionary denials

Docket Navigator data shows the drastic impact that USPTO Director Kathi Vidal’s new discretionary denial policies have had at the PTAB

07 November 2022

Can two Federal Circuit ‘inventive concept’ rulings dent dismissal motions?

Docket Navigator data shows accused patent infringers fully or partially win 70% to 80% of early motions raising Section 101 arguments

31 October 2022

PTAB challenges to Section 101 application rejections show dicey odds for patent filers

“The deck is really stacked against the applicants at the PTAB,” says Michael Borella, partner in McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff

28 October 2022

Wi-LAN announces patent licences, settlement with Micron

Micron only entered agreement after a long counterattack in the PTAB and a key trial court ruling that limited the IP holder’s damages

24 October 2022

Top patentee jury verdicts from US courts in the third quarter

Here’s a look at the data about the rights’ holders and dollar sums behind the 31 patent damages awards from 1 July to 30 September

17 October 2022

Fintiv discretionary denials fade in quarter following amended USPTO guidance

The most recent quarterly RPX litigation report has tracked an increase in IPR institutions and significant drop in reexam requests

13 October 2022

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