Data Analysis

Examining the trade secrets dockets at the busiest US district court

Docket Navigator data shows the US District Court for the Central District of California’s trade secrets docket rose steeply from 2016 to 2018, but levelled off and now is decreasing

30 October 2023

Top 100 US patent owners 2022

Featured in Portfolio Data

Dolcera’s analysis of US patents last year shows Samsung dominates in volume and increasing emphasis on AI filings by companies

27 October 2023

Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime primary targets of US video streaming suits

Docket Navigator data shows that the top 10 US providers face unpredictable numbers of lawsuits year-by-year

23 October 2023

US trade secret litigation trends in Q3: Central District of California continues as top venue

Docket Navigator data reveals quarterly trends in federal trade secret filings, showing 13% YOY growth

20 October 2023

Ericsson and InterDigital suits targeting Lenovo are among 220 US patent litigations it's defended

As new patent litigation heats up against the Chinese device manufacturer in the US, Docket Navigator data reveals its litigation behaviour and record of success

16 October 2023

5G patent ownership is increasingly fragmented

Meanwhile, the 5G race continues to be dominated by Chinese companies, according to a report by IPlytics

10 October 2023

Netflix is facing injunctions in Germany and Brazil, but what of its US patent litigation record?

As legal pressure mounts internationally against the video streaming service, we did a deep dive on Docket Navigator to see Netflix’s patent litigation history in the US

09 October 2023

Inventor firm’s $339M windfall from Google tops ranking of US patent jury verdicts in Q3

Touchstream Technologies’ victory is one of 17 jury verdicts that issued in 2023’s third quarter and 59% of them favoured patentees – but Q3 damages values dropped compared to Q1 and Q2

02 October 2023

Does the impact of Markman orders vary by technology complexity?

Some patent litigators observe that patent disputes involving less complicated technologies tend to settle faster after claim construction. What does Docket Navigator data say?

27 September 2023

In the ‘battle of the experts’ of IP litigation, who gets the sword?

New research study on the exclusion of IP damages experts’ opinions, which reveals trends by US district court, IP case type and damages calculation method, could help chief IP officers better control litigation spend

20 September 2023

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