Data Analysis

Inside the patent portfolio Ericsson gets as part of its $6 billion Vonage acquisition

While not great in number, the incoming IP is of good quality and will boost the Swedish company’s presence in key areas such as security, machine learning and wired networks

26 November 2021

The global patent landscape in nine charts

The top takeaways from WIPO’s latest World Intellectual Property Indicators report

19 November 2021

IP data analytics providers still struggling to find tools that work for a changing world

A rise in less experienced users of their services has required platforms to design products that speak to the needs of two very different types of consumers

12 November 2021

Northern District of California patent data shows why defendants are keen to get there

Docket Navigator numbers make clear that those fighting infringement suits secure a greater number of favourable outcomes on eligibility, claim determinations and more than in Western Texas

10 November 2021

Patent data reveals strong growth in key climate change mitigation technologies despite slow COP progress

Finding political consensus about how to slow down global warming is proving hard to achieve, but the pace of green tech innovation is accelerating

05 November 2021

Patent record of Biden’s new pick for the Federal Circuit revealed

Delaware district court judge Leonard Stark has handled 2,700 cases in his years on the bench

04 November 2021

European and Asian automakers most likely to collaborate on innovation

Joint R&D is critical for carmakers to grow in strategic areas and patent data reveals that EV and AI technologies have benefited the most from such activity

29 October 2021

Nippon Steel’s patent portfolio gives it the litigation edge

The company is currently engaged in a virtually unprecedented big-ticket dispute with Toyota in the Japanese courts

25 October 2021

How a new business strategy at GlobalFoundries has affected its push for patents

The semiconductor company is taking a narrower approach to both R&D and IP procurement as it focuses on the foundry market

14 October 2021

Analysis indicates that Access Advance is currently the top HEVC patent pool

Licensees get access to higher-quality rights via the platform than those available through Velos Media and MPEG-LA

07 October 2021

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