Data Analysis

Next generation firewall patent filings on the rise as competition heats up

Volumes have soared since 2010, with US and China accounting for more than 50% of the total

21 March 2023

Examining the practice of Cedar Lane Technologies – America’s top-filing NPE

We talked with Greg Benoit, president of the Canadian company that filed the most cases in 2022, strongly favours the Western District of Texas, and has obtained a 96% settlement rate among its terminated cases

20 March 2023

Uncovering US trade secret case trends

Docket Navigator data shows the top courts, judges, and parties of 2022 – and reveals trends in new federal trade secrets cases in the US

13 March 2023

Patent litigation finance skyrockets in past three years

We compiled data from Westfleet Advisors’ annual litigation funding reports to find patent finance shot up by nearly 50% since 2020  – to the benefit of rights holders

10 March 2023

Five things to know about patent case trends in the Western District of Texas

Docket Navigator data shows more patentees are filing directly in Austin – possibly to sidestep the Waco Division’s random assignment order

06 March 2023

New Delaware judge signs first multimillion dollar jury verdict

Judge Gregory Williams’ $42 million award to a patentee prompted a dive on Docket Navigator to examine his track record to date

27 February 2023

Cedar Lane Technologies dominates US computer centre case filings in 2022

Docket Navigator data shows the NPE far outstripped other highly assertive entities in volume and attained a 98% settlement rate

13 February 2023

Fintiv discretionary denial rate slides to 11% in 2022 under Vidal’s hand

The latest instalment of the IAM-Docket Navigator US patent litigation special report puts the magnifying glass to data on discretionary denials

09 February 2023

Haynes and Boone bags most wins for PTAB petitioners while McKool Smith scores for patentees

Docket Navigator metrics show which firms filed the most cases in 2022 – and how they performed

06 February 2023

US judge’s pursuit of ownership disclosure triggers IP Edge filing shift from Delaware

NPEs connected with the patent assertion entity have moved cases south to Texas

31 January 2023

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