Data Analysis

Data shows most SEP holders send pre-suit demand letters – for good reason

Court rulings reveal risks for SEP holders who fail to communicate pre-litigation, explaining why 80% of SEP suits we studied alleged pre-suit offers to engage in licensing negotiations

28 November 2023

What can InterDigital, Ericsson, and Lenovo expect from the court overseeing their patent disputes?

Docket Navigator data shows the US District Court for the Eastern District of North Carolina, which oversees these high-profile litigations, has not handled many patent cases

27 November 2023

Software, electronics and semiconductors most transacted assets in Q3 2023

The latest AST Patent Deals Report shows assets being transacted by the likes of Huawei and Intel on the sell side, and Philips and Softbank on the buy side

24 November 2023

Europe's top 100 patent owners for 2022

Dolcera’s patent analysis takes a deep dive into Europe’s biggest players and reveals that the technology and manufacturing sectors are yet to realise their full potential.

23 November 2023

Dive into trade secret complaints at the US International Trade Commission

We’re going beneath the surface using Docket Navigator data about ITC trade secret cases in light of Samsung Display’s new allegations against BOE

20 November 2023

Qualcomm leads Brazilian patent filings this year

Clarivate data covering 2018 to 2023 reveals a dynamic landscape, including booming industries and Lenovo’s entry into the top 100

17 November 2023

Lenovo sues Asus amid surge of US patent litigation triggered by Chinese companies

It is only the third time the laptop maker has been involved in a patent infringement action in the US as a plaintiff

17 November 2023

These law firms top the rankings for US patent litigation

The latest edition of the IAM-Docket Navigator quarterly litigation report names the top 10 law firms for patentees and patent challengers in the US district courts and Patent Trial and Appeal Board

13 November 2023

Permanent injunctions by US courts in the post-eBay era

As reform advocates push for legislation to restore injunctive relief to patent cases, Docket Navigator data shows the rare cases that can still win injunctions under the challenging eBay test

06 November 2023

Examining the trade secrets dockets at the busiest US district court

Docket Navigator data shows the US District Court for the Central District of California’s trade secrets docket rose steeply from 2016 to 2018, but levelled off and now is decreasing

30 October 2023

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