Dag Sandart

Dag Sandart


What are the keys to successfully managing cross-jurisdictional patent cases in Europe?

To successfully manage cross-jurisdictional patent cases in Europe it is important to:

  • conduct intensive planning;
  • locate experts in each jurisdiction early on;
  • put in effort upfront to find a common strategy based on the advice from each jurisdiction; 
  • establish effective communications via computer systems; and
  • share all of the memos and submissions.

During your career what are the major changes you have seen in the licensing environment in Sweden?

In the early 1980s when I started working with licensing, the clients were not very enthusiastic when budgeting work efforts for licensing. After some years and the internationalisation of business, clients woke up to the possibilities of trademarks, patents and licensing.

What do you believe are the main qualities top-ranked patent lawyers should possess?

Top-ranked patent lawyers should have deep knowledge of the law and an instinct to understand complex technological solutions and how they function in their environment.

If you were to give one insight about the patent market in Sweden to colleagues abroad, what would it be?

Since 1946 Sweden has had a highly qualified court system for patent cases, which gives it an advantage because in each patent case the panel is made up of two expert patent law judges and two technical members.

How do you expect the patent litigation market in Europe to develop over the next five years?

I expect technology to advance within biotech and AI for cars and I also expect 5G to bring about a considerable amount of patent infringement cases. 

Dag Sandart

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Dag Sandart has vast experience in patent, trademark, marketing, life sciences and copyright law, as well as contract negotiations, especially in patent and trademark law disputes in the fields of pharmaceuticals, mechanics, hydraulics and telecom. Mr Sandart is primary IP counsel in Sweden for several blue-chip companies and is also active within regulatory law concerning foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals.

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