The biggest life sciences IP stories of 2020

Although the year was dominated by the response to covid-19, there were other major developments as well

The biggest life sciences IP stories of 2020
Three life sciences trade secrets and data strategy lessons
22 Dec 2020

Three life sciences trade secrets and data strategy lessons

As non-patent assets become increasingly important, pharma and biotech innovators must adapt their IP strategies.

Your guide to covid-19 vaccine stakeholders’ IP strategies
19 Nov 2020

Your guide to covid-19 vaccine stakeholders’ IP strategies

IAM examines the approaches taken by – and the issues facing – the leading companies in the race to find effective coronavirus inoculations


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16 Nov 2020

Moderna's covid vaccine is promising news, but IP issues may mean the financial windfall it enjoys are limited

A major PTAB defeat and uncertainties around US government funding cast a royalties shadow over the company's ability to monetise the breakthrough Read more

12 Nov 2020

How Lenovo is deploying patent data to support its diversity and inclusion efforts

IP team led by John Mulgrew is taking a hard look at inventorship within the company as part of an effort to attract and retain a diverse R&D talent pool Read more

9 Nov 2020

Pfizer’s covid vaccine found 90% effective, but raises IP questions

Company CEO proclaims “a great day for science and humanity”, but there are patent, know-how and data uncertainties to overcome Read more

6 Nov 2020

Budget pressures accelerate Japan Inc’s IP strategy re-think

Leading lights from Canon, Hitachi and NTT among those who will discuss the way forward at virtual IPBC Japan conference Read more


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24 Oct 2020

To educate lawyers who change the world, we cannot let this crisis go to waste

As the covid-19 pandemic continues to upend education in the US and beyond, there is an opportunity to create a new normal in how IP is taught, says Megan Carpenter, Dean of the Franklin Pierce School of Law Read more

1 Aug 2020

Ignore naysayers, the patent system is playing a vital role in the fight against covid-19

We have learned some important IP lessons in the months since the coronavirus pandemic surged across the world; one of which is just how crucial IP itself is to finding a way out of the crisis Read more

27 Jul 2020

Indonesia makes compulsory licensing easier as high-tech waits on key patent reform

Country paves way for possible covid-19 vaccine order, but promised protections for technology firms are taking longer than anticipated Read more

20 Jul 2020

After success of early stage covid-19 vaccine trial, Oxford University's coronavirus IP policy explained

With the promising news today that a coronavirus vaccine being developed by scientists at the university is safe and triggers an immune response, we revisit our exclusive April interview with the head of Oxford's tech transfer office in which he talks about its new, expedited, approach to granting covid-related licences Read more


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31 Oct 2020

Despite apparent convergence, life sciences and high-tech IP management will remain worlds apart

Pharma and biotech companies can learn from how strategies are developed in other sectors, but will still have to forge their own paths to meet new challenges Read more

20 Oct 2020

Proposal to waive TRIPS is the latest sign of deepening global IP rifts over covid-19

WHO-backed proposal seeks to suspend key multilateral protections for patents and trade secrets Read more

15 Oct 2020

Despite the praise, there may be less to Moderna’s covid patent pledge than meets the eye

The leading vaccine innovator has won plaudits for its commitment not to enforce its coronavirus-related IP rights against other mRNA inventors Read more

8 Oct 2020

The patent system’s social contract has broken down, says IP billionaire Dr Gary Michelson

Spinal surgery pioneer tells IAM that it is important to ensure the US public does not get a rough deal from rights owners Read more


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8 Jun 2020

From French fancy to global community – celebrating 100 issues of IAM 

Founder and editor in chief Joff Wild looks back on 17 years of IAM Read more

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