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Meet the new faces in the IP Hall of Fame

This year’s inductees share what it takes to become the best of the best

12 August 2020

Facebook campaign highlights the power of brands, but activism is not risk free

An online ad boycott underlines the need for businesses to make social responsibility part of their DNA

12 August 2020

Government moves to fill long-vacant appellate posts in India

Long term future of the IPAB is in doubt, but the meantime, overdue appointments should spur board back to work

12 August 2020

India’s IP office backs calls to abolish patent appeal board

Public records request reveals high-level support for a reform that would hand patent validity questions back to the courts

11 August 2020

Clarivate's acquisition of CPA Global raises plenty of questions

Deal creates an IP behomoth and continues the trend towards service provider consolidation - but the new company's clients will need reassurances

29 July 2020

Japan, Taiwan data starts to show virus impact on new patent filings

While Chinese applications are back on pace for growth, other East Asian offices are seeing decreased activity

29 July 2020

As IP moves up Canada’s national agenda, other countries should follow suit

Trio of initiatives shows the country means business and the risk of a global economic downturn means similar moves may also become an important part of recovery plans elsewhere

25 July 2020

Fujitsu latest Japanese titan to part with significant chip assets

Hundreds of rights look likely to pass to Arizona-based ON Semiconductor as part of foundry purchase

22 July 2020

The signs are that Canada is upping its IP game

Bank announces launch of multi-million-dollar financing package for IP-rich businesses while Ontario government unveils new action plan

21 July 2020

As Silicon Valley showers Jio Platforms with cash, upstart may need IP crash course

Telco plans to make smartphones and produce made-in-India 5G network gear. The company recently landed in hot water for copying the design of Zoom’s teleconferencing platform

17 July 2020

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