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Michelin dispute sheds light on when similar trade names constitute unfair competition

French tyre company Michelin has sued three enterprises based on Article 58 of the Trademark Law, which states that using a registered or unregistered trademark in a company’s trade name in a way that misleads the public can be deemed unfair competition.

22 November 2023

Dive into trade secret complaints at the US International Trade Commission

We’re going beneath the surface using Docket Navigator data about ITC trade secret cases in light of Samsung Display’s new allegations against BOE

20 November 2023

Trade secrets, injunctions and AI: the IAM-WTR Latin America IP Summit

IP experts offered their strategic advice for protecting and monetising intangible assets in São Paulo

13 November 2023

The products-plus-licensing model of a small firm that won $45 million from Vivint

You may not know SkyBell Technologies’ name due to its B2B model, but now its executives are opening up about the role patent licensing plays in the company’s growth and success

08 November 2023

Leadership in IP departments: do we know and do the right things?

A patent team’s success relies on chief IP officer’s ability to lead oneself, act impactfully, empower the team, and lead strategically

25 October 2023

Climbing the ladder to a top-notch IP management strategy

Modern enterprises on the quest to unlock their intellectual property’s latent worth need a proactive approach characterised by identification, safeguarding, strategic stewardship, collaboration, and robust enforcement

19 October 2023

Managing infringement threats across the supply chain

Featured in Inside China’s IP Market: a Guide 2024

The courts in China generally maintain in foreign-related OEM cases that affixing a trademark to a product should be deemed as use and that there is also a possibility of confusion. While some manufacturers have successfully defended themselves against claims of infringement, the cost is often high.

27 September 2023

What BISHONEN’s nine-year journey to registration reveals about China’s Trademark Law

Featured in Inside China’s IP Market: a Guide 2024

While the Trademark Law allows for parties to petition against a mark’s registration, it remains challenging for foreign companies to prove that a registered trademark should be invalidated, as collecting evidence of prior use and influence in China, as well as to show another party's bad faith, is becoming increasingly hard.

27 September 2023

Applying Article 15 of China’s Trademark Law to tackle malicious registration

Featured in Inside China’s IP Market: a Guide 2024

Trademark squatting has many forms. If a trademark is registered by your distributor or partner, there is still a chance that the trademark can be retrieved.

27 September 2023

In the ‘battle of the experts’ of IP litigation, who gets the sword?

New research study on the exclusion of IP damages experts’ opinions, which reveals trends by US district court, IP case type and damages calculation method, could help chief IP officers better control litigation spend

20 September 2023

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