New legislation and research adds to focus on why women and minorities lag in patenting

Proposed legislation and a new report highlight how much ground underrepresented groups need to make up to achieve patent parity.

New legislation and research adds to focus on why women and minorities lag in patenting
29 Jun 2018

Tencent makes a splash in open source community by becoming a Linux Foundation platinum member

Chinese social media giant makes a big commitment to the Linux Foundation, becoming just the second Chinese firm to do so.

21 May 2018

A litigious Chinese Internet startup worth up to $30 billion buys patents for the first time

China's thirty billion dollar news app dips into the secondary market for US patents.


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30 Aug 2018

Ella Cheong - a pioneer in Asia

A trailblazer at the forefront of Asia's IP revolution speaks about how she overcame adversity to reach the very top of her profession in an exclusive interview to mark her induction into the IP Hall of Fame Read more

8 Jun 2018

Guangdong’s IP docket surges 85% as IAM publishes a Shenzhen guide for patent insiders

The annual report on IP litigation statistics from China’s top court showed that patent suits continued to increase across the board – no surprise there for IAM readers. One of the more striking findings, however, was that litigation is growing… Read more

20 May 2018

There is one Brexit IP issue that could explode politically - and it has nothing to do with patents

Ask any European IP professional about the Brexit issues which take up most of their time and they are likely to tell you about things such as the UPC and the unitary patent, the enforcement directive and decoupling the UK from the Community… Read more

16 Apr 2018

Protecting intellectual property in media and entertainment

With more growth and investment, new players on the rise and rapid advancements in technology, the protection and enforcement of intellectual property has gained more importance in media and entertainment. A number of pressing issues related to this sector have come to the fore in India. Read more


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25 Mar 2018

Trump may have postponed his IP trade war with China, but both sides are still playing for very high stakes

Last Thursday, President Trump set out a series of measures that the US is set to pursue against China over alleged violations of American-owned intellectual property. They were wide-ranging, but perhaps not as deep or as far-reaching as some may… Read more

23 Jan 2018

DC insiders predicting Iancu confirmation vote before mid-February

Almost two months since his confirmation hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Washington DC insiders are predicting (and, for many, hoping) that there will be a full Senate vote to confirm Andrei Iancu as the next head of the USPTO by the… Read more

17 Jan 2018

Creating a world class innovation infrastructure – lessons from the best of the best

When companies invest to ensure their innovation is of the highest quality, the goods and services they provide ultimately become the better for it - with us all as the beneficiaries. The most successful innovators stand out from others by… Read more

21 Dec 2017

Top patent market players and IAM's editorial team make their predictions for 2018

In a patent world as uncertain as this one - characterised by turmoil in the US, a lack of clarity over the UPC in Europe and China’s inexorable rise as an IP super power - predicting what will happen in 2018 seems almost destined to end in failure… Read more


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30 Mar 2018

Oracle v Google rumbles on to a possible multi-billion-dollar payout and a place in the history books

When the complete history of the smartphone wars is written perhaps two courtroom battles will standout amongst all the others. First, the long simmering fight between Apple and Samsung, simply because it features the two titans of the device-making… Read more

15 Mar 2018

SIPO to take over trademark duties in major consolidation of IP authority in China – agency will also cover antitrust

China’s State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) will be combined with the country’s trademark office as part of a massive bureaucratic overhaul across the whole of Chinese government. The re-organised IP office will be part of a new agency which… Read more

2 Mar 2018

China’s cabinet releases IP reform master plan as IP litigation surges 40% in 2017

At a press conference on Wednesday, China’s leading IP jurist, Supreme People’s Court vice-president Tao Kaiyuan, announced that 2017 saw a 40% jump in IP-related litigation in the country. The figure for new first-instance cases for all categories… Read more

15 Dec 2017

Thousands of appeals in limbo while leaderless Indian board remains mired in constitutional controversy

In the patent world, all eyes are on the US Supreme Court as it weighs the future of the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB). But in India, a similar body is facing a constitutional challenge of its own, fuelled over a long-running dispute over who… Read more

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