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Licensors like Qualcomm, Microsoft among biggest trade winners, China says

In its most thorough response yet to tech transfer complaints, government highlights $7 billion in annual IP payments to US firms and the country’s increasing attractiveness as a patent litigation venue.

Licensors like Qualcomm, Microsoft among biggest trade winners, China says
18 Sep 2018

Swedish eye tracking leader sues to curb Chinese upstart

IBM patent asserted against Beijing-based startup with backing from HTC and Qualcomm. NPEs are also active in a possible new VR/AR battleground.

14 Sep 2018

Microsoft turns to the PTAB as it escalates dispute with Saint Regis tribe

Software giant files series of IPRs against patents transferred from SRC Labs. Reviews come after company’s announces renewal of licensing agreement with LG Electronics


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30 Aug 2018

SK Hynix bolsters patent holdings, buying two portfolios

Korean chipmaker turns to HP Enterprise and Integrated Device Technology as its US patent risks escalate Read more

23 Aug 2018

Japan to extend design patent term by five years

Legislation proposed by the JPO may also extend greater design protection to graphical user interfaces in bid to help system keep pace with new technology. Read more

22 Aug 2018

With the strongest speech recognition portfolio, specialist operator Nuance holds off big tech players

A new analysis of the IP landscape of speech recognition technology reveals that Nuance Communications has the most grants and the highest quality patents in the field, while Microsoft is the most active player.  Read more

20 Aug 2018

Chinese battery maker picks up 100+ patents from Google

The buyer, Amperex Technology Limited, is facing a US patent suit and ITC investigation from LG Chem. The portfolio of former Motorola assets had been on the market since 2015. Read more


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22 Jul 2018

Five years after its founding, IP Bridge reflects Japan’s changing approach to patents

Sovereign fund remains trailblazer in market that continues to open up to IP monetisation Read more

26 Jun 2018

Car giants and China’s IP leaders among notable gainers in latest IPO US patent ranking

The Intellectual Property Owners Association (IPO) released its annual ranking yesterday of the 300 companies that received the most US patents in 2017. There was no change at number one as IBM held onto its customary position at the top of the pile… Read more

13 Jun 2018

The Battistelli legacy, China concerns, gambling opportunities and a whole lot more from IPBC Global 2018

The sessions on the third and final day of IPBC Global 2018 have now finished; and, like yesterday, the action has come thick and first across a variety of plenaries, breakouts and masterclasses. The members of IAM’s editorial team on the ground at… Read more

9 Jun 2018

Every entity that owns 1,000 or more active US patents identified in new IAM and ktMINE research

Close to 50% of all US patents are owned by a group of just 346 entities. IAM and analytics provider ktMINE reveal the members of the US Patent 1,000 Club. Read more


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16 Aug 2018

Power dynamics between Amazon, Microsoft and Google in cloud computing are shifting, report finds

A new report from CB Insights examining the state of the market for cloud computing infrastructure as a service has found that while Amazon gained an early lead in the field, Microsoft and Google are catching up fast. Read more

7 Aug 2018

With possible $400 million licensing opportunity in sight, Finjan brings in bank to weigh up strategic options

PIPCO's strong balance sheet puts it in position to be an acquirer rather than a target as it explores possible transactions. The licensing company could also seek to bolster its patent portfolio. Read more

6 Aug 2018

Indian ministry said to propose re-introduction of outbound royalty caps

Proposed limits on royalty payments would be even stricter than those scrapped in 2009 liberalisation of FDI policies. Impact would be felt by global brand and technology giants with listed subsidiaries in India. Read more

30 Jul 2018

IBM counsel hails big win against Groupon as another sign that the US patent pendulum is swinging back

Big Blue nets eight-figure payout as talk of improving climate for patent owners grows.  Read more


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31 Mar 2017

Embracing the power of patents

Based on different continents and very different in size, Microsoft and Fractus are united by a sophisticated understanding of IP value which is delivering tangible results. Others would be well advised to heed their example Read more

30 Sep 2016

McRO gives hope to US patent owners, but Section 101 uncertainty remains

After two years of uncertainty and no little gloom, a recent Federal Circuit decision may just herald the long-awaited swing-back in the pendulum that software patent owners in the United States have been waiting for. Some, though, still believe that Congress must bite the bullet and take a look at Section 101 Read more