Zhiwei Xie

Zhiwei Xie

CEO, senior patent agent and litigation agent , Shenzhen ScienBiziP Intellectual Property Agency Ltd
[email protected]

Zhiwei Xie has been working in the IP industry for more than 20 years. He is good at enterprise IP management and operation, enterprise IP strategy, consulting and organisation construction, among other fields. Before becoming the co-founder of ScienBiziP Group in 2013, Mr Xie served as the director of the IP management department of a Fortune 500 company.

Mr Xie has been invited to give keynote speeches on intellectual property at well-known forums and summits at home and abroad. He was awarded the Intellectual Property Advanced Individual Award by Shenzhen Intellectual Property Administration. He is a council member of China IP Society, an expert at the Guangdong Intellectual Property Office and a patent associate researcher in Shenzhen.

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