Paul Lin

Managing Director, Eagle Forest

Before founding Eagle Forest, Paul was the Vice President of IP Strategy and Global Business Development at Xiaomi Corporation. Paul established Xiaomi’s long term IP strategy and the patent licensing and acquisition teams at Xiaomi. He completed many complex deals with high profile licensors that demonstrated genuine creativity and a collaborative approach striving for win-win outcomes, including Qualcomm, Microsoft, Nokia, Via Licensing, MPEG LA, and many others. Paul is widely recognized within the industry as “problem solver” for highly contentious disputes. He led the team to successfully end multi-year litigations with Ericsson, InterDigital, Sisvel, and Philips. Paul was the architect for many patent acquisitions that expanded Xiaomi’s IP portfolio by thousands of patents. In addition to his IP role at Xiaomi, Paul was responsible for global business development. He formed strategic partnerships with major technology companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and Netflix. Paul also led negotiations with major telco carriers and distributors to expand Xiaomi’s business in Europe. 


Before joining Xiaomi, Paul was the co-founder and president of Zhigu, an IP investment and advisory firm in China. He raised the first IP investment fund in China, Ruichuang. Zhigu was named the Best IP Firm in China in 2014. Zhigu was acquired by Xiaomi in 2016. Prior to his entrepreneurship, Paul was a licensing executive at Intellectual Ventures, where he was involved in many major licensing negotiations. Before Intellectual Ventures, he worked as the business development director at Microsoft.       

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