Ngoc Ngo

[email protected]

Ngoc Ngo completed her PhD in Applied Economics with a focus on Industrial Organization at Northeastern University in 2019. Before her doctoral studies, Ngoc attended Bates College, where she graduated magna cum laude with a B.A. in Economics.

Ngoc’s PhD dissertation applied a modified version of the random-coefficient discrete choice model to quantify the impact of United Airlines’ decision to cease its hub operations at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport on consumer welfare and the firm’s profits. In general, Ngoc is passionate about working with data to formulate economic models to solve real-world problems.

Since joining CD, Ngoc has built models and conducted analyses related to damage calculation, valuation of new technologies and determining reasonable royalty terms in telecommunication and pharmaceutical industries. Ngoc is developing improved algorithms to rank patents and evaluate innovators’ patent portfolio; and has worked on various economic research to enhance methodologies used in Intellectual Property related litigation.

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