Li Yunquan

Li Yunquan

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Li Yunquan is a partner and an attorney-at-law based in the firm’s Beijing office, where he has started practice since 2008.

Yunquan practices in the areas of IP law with a focus on trademark prosecution and contentious matters. He also advises clients on matters concerning trademark due diligence investigation and negotiation on trademark purchase and does opinion work on various non-litigious trademark matters.

Yunquan has 14 years of experience in prosecuting and litigating trademark in China. He has been managing trademark portfolios, tailoring and executing trademark defence and enforcement strategy for Fortune 500 corporations and conglomerates and successfully obtained recognition of well-known trademark status for industry magnates through administrative and judicial routes. Yunquan has assisted half a dozen multinational corporations in tactically retrieving trademarks from professional trademark squatters/hoarders on very favourable terms, which helps clear the legal hurdles and facilitate the launching of clients’ products in the Chinese market. His expertise, quick response and meticulousness has been constantly applauded by the clients.

Yunquan is ranked by the World Trademark Review 1000 – The Definitive Guide to Trademark Legal Services as a recommended individual in 2022.

He is a member of the Leadership Development Committee, Communications Subcommittee of the International Trademark Association.

Yunquan holds an LLM degree in IP and Technology Law, University of San Francisco.

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