Jonathan DeBlois

Jonathan DeBlois

Partner, Prince Lobel Tye LLP
[email protected]

Jonathan DeBlois is an attorney in the IP Practice Group at Prince Lobel Tye LLP.  He focuses his practice on litigation involving patent, trademark and copyright infringement, as well as portfolio monetization strategy and licensing.  Jonathan has been instrumental in launching the firm’s patent mining and strategy practice which focuses on building targeted bespoke patent portfolios and IP monetization strategies.  He works with clients to identify underutilized or undervalued assets and through collaboration with global partners, litigation funders and technology experts creates target-specific monetization programs.  These unique programs span the entire monetization life cycle from valuation to funding, licensing and litigation.

Jonathan has substantial federal court and licensing experience in fields including VoIP telephony, wireless communication, streaming audio, search engine algorithms, geolocation services, anti-piracy technology, computing virtualization, software and hardware defined networking, medical devices and asset tracking systems.  His litigation background combined with deep technical knowledge and valuation skills enables Jonathan to successfully build and execute monetization strategies that realize significant revenue for his group’s clients.

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