Jason Pelly

Jason Pelly

Partner, Boult Wade Tennant
[email protected]

Jason is a Chartered Patent Attorney and European Patent Attorney at Boult Wade Tennant.

Jason joined Boult Wade Tennant in 2005 having previously worked as an IT consultant, and then as a senior engineer researching and developing video compression algorithms and audio/video security/anti-piracy systems for digital cinema applications.

Jason has considerable experience in drafting and prosecuting patent applications across a wide range of technology areas, such as multi-media delivery, protection and presentation, artificial intelligence and machine learning, vehicle navigation systems, mobile telecommunications and searchengines. He particularly enjoys leveraging his previous experience to help applicants with patents in areas such as computer software and systems, video and audio processing, data compression, cryptography and information security, data communications, computer gaming and professional broadcast systems. Jason also enjoys the more contentious areas of software and business-method patenting, and regularly participates in hearings at the UK and European Patent Offices relating to these issues.

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