Drew Lowery

Drew Lowery

Director of Life Sciences
[email protected]


Dr. Lowery is the Director of Life Sciences at Global Prior Art and has spent over a decade leading the biopharma teams on freedom-to-operate, due diligence, invalidity, and landscape searches.  Recent common areas of work include viral vectors, modified antibodies, CAR-T therapies, and LNP drug delivery.  With thousands of cases over 40+ years, GPA’s institutionalized search process consistently identifies the most critical information & analysis for decision making.  A current focus of Dr. Lowery is assisting BioPharma companies seeking to accelerate innovation and align R&D with IP strategy. 

Dr. Lowery received a B.S. with high honors in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from Penn State University and a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His graduate work at MIT focused on intracellular signaling networks, particularly phosphorylation-dependent signaling networks involved in cell-cycle control.  Dr. Lowery has published numerous scientific articles in top tier journals, including Science and Nature.

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