Bruce Rubinger

Bruce Rubinger

Managing Director, Global Prior Art Inc
[email protected]

Dr Rubinger is the Managing Director and founder of Global Prior Art. He created Global’s comprehensive worldwide search process, which is known for its broad international coverage and manual review of critical sources. Drawing on the experience of hundreds of cases, a wide range of channels have been identified which are used to disseminate Japanese, European and U.S. technical, product and patent information. In general, only 20% of this information is uncovered by a typical database search. Dr. Rubinger has institutionalized the search process, creating an expert system which identifies the most relevant sources in many fields. As Global’s senior search strategist, he has aggressively pursued such untraditional prior art sources as product literature, and technical literature from France, Israel, and even Russia on behalf of diverse clients.

Dr Rubinger is the author of numerous reports on technology management and technology trends including Applied Artificial Intelligence In Japan: Current Status, Key R&D Performers, Strategic Focus 1988, published by Hemisphere Publishing Corporation and Factory Automation In Japan: Key Trends and Innovations 1988, published by the U.S. Department of Commerce. His articles include “Technology Policy in Japanese Firms: Decision-Making, Supplier Links and Technical Goals”, which appeared in Technology in the Modern Corporation: A Strategic Perspective, Pergamon Press 1986. He has developed case study materials for the Harvard Business School’s course on the management of innovation.

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