Bruce Rubinger

Bruce Rubinger

Managing Director, Global Prior Art Inc
[email protected]

Dr Rubinger is the Managing Director and founder of Global Prior Art. He created Global’s comprehensive worldwide search process, which is known for its broad international coverage and manual review of critical sources. Drawing on the experience of hundreds of cases, a wide range of channels have been identified which are used to disseminate Japanese, European and U.S. technical, product and patent information. In general, only 20% of this information is uncovered by a typical database search. Dr. Rubinger has institutionalized the search process, creating an expert system which identifies the most relevant sources in many fields. As Global’s senior search strategist, he has aggressively pursued such untraditional prior art sources as product literature, and technical literature from France, Israel, and even Russia on behalf of diverse clients.

Rather than simply advising on IP strategy, GPA dives into a client’s portfolio management and invention process to identify process changes and eliminate waste. His knowledge of patent quality, IP management and process re-engineering allows him to identify cutting-edge processes that yield stronger patents and a proactive IP portfolio while transforming decision-making within a firm. His team has also conducted significant research on diverse AI tools, including their performance and use cases. The optimal integration of technical experts and AI classifiers for more effective patent portfolio management is a current focus of his research, client support and presentations.

Dr Rubinger’s background comprises both technology and the science of decision-making. He holds a BSEE, an MSEE and a PhD in systems science. His dissertation addressed non-linear filtering and its application to prediction and estimation, funded by a NASA fellowship. He began his career with Hughes Aircraft.

Articles and presentations:

  • “AI in the IP Department: Achieving the Optimal Balance Between Human Intelligence & AI” (IAM Webinar, 9 September 2021)
  • “Intellectual property and the next generation of solar technology” (IAM 94, March 2019)
  • “Who Owns the Future of Autonomous Vehicles” (IAM 89, March 2018)
  • “Best Practice in IP Management: Leaner & Smarter” (IAM, March 2018)
  • “GPA’s Experts vs The Crowd: Setting the Performance Record Straight” (February 2014)

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