Benedikt Neuburger

Zimmermann & Partner

Benedikt Neuburger is a partner at Zimmermann & Partner Patentanwälte mbB, a boutique IP firm with several offices in Germany. Dr Neuburger has a background in physics and holds a master’s and PhD in economics. He is both a European and a German patentattorney.

With more than 15 years’ experience in the IP field, Dr Neuburger focuses on patent prosecution, opposition and appeal proceedings. He mainly works in the field of green technologies, power engineering and deposition technology. Over the years, he has conducted a vast number of cases and represented clients in several hundred oral proceedings. Dr Neuburger is the counsel of choice for several multinational stock-listed companies that have built up a high level of trust in his expertise over many years of cooperation. He provides practical solutions by aligning the economic needs and technical constraints with the tactical and procedural aspects of each case. His clients appreciate the symbiosis of in-depth technical and economic understanding with a pragmaticapproach.

Dr Neuburger studied physics in Germany, Italy and Austria. During this time, he worked in the fields of quantum computation and fault-tolerant implementations in solid states and photonic systems. After graduating, he continued his studies by attending the economic postgraduate degree in business research at Ludwig Maximilian University, where he worked on his PhD in the economic valuation of patents. Dr Neuburger’s PhD examined known valuation techniques and presented a new method for an accurate value determination ofpatents.

Dr Neuburger has authored numerous publications in the IP field, lately focusing on artificial intelligence in the patent system, and is regularly preparing teaching material for the European PatentAcademy.

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