Art Monk

Art Monk

CEO, Patent Contacts LLC
[email protected]

Art Monk is founder and CEO of Patent Contacts LLC, a leading patent brokerage and IP advisory firm based in Silicon Valley. For two decades Mr Monk has facilitated high-value transactions for technology companies seeking to acquire or divest patent portfolios. Mr Monk’s clients are among the top 30 patent holders in Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, China, Europe, Canada and the United States. He advises clients on transactions and monetisation strategy, and also provides experience-based advice and background to government entities such as the Japan Patent Office and the US Federal Trade Commission on these topics.

Prior to Patent Contacts, Mr Monk spent almost a decade as vice president, patent transactions at TechInsights, based in California. Before TechInsights, Mr Monk was co-founder and CEO of Inflexion Point Analytics (IPA), an entity focused on large-scale patent transactions and patent analytics. TechInsights acquired IPA in 2010. Prior to IPA, at ROLM Corporation, Mr Monk was group product manager, overseeing ROLM’s telecommunications switching products; and prior to ROLM, Hewlett-Packard asked Mr Monk to move from HP (Canada) to headquarters in Palo Alto to establish the company’s value-added reseller channel in North America.

Mr Monk has been quoted and published in IAMWorld Intellectual Property ReviewIP WatchdogWorld IP Market ReviewIAM Journal and Second Market Alchemy. He has participated as a moderator and speaker at international conferences such as IPBC (Shanghai) and IIPCC (Washington DC), where he has spoken and moderated sessions on IP monetisation and the patent transactions market. Mr Monk has invented computational tools for discovering valuable patents within large portfolios based on patent analytics and has research experience in electron microscopy, computer simulation and systems modelling.

Mr Monk holds a BSc (hons) in physics and an MSc in biophysics, both from the University of Manitoba, Canada; and an MBA in operations research from the University of Alberta, Canada, where he was also a graduate research student in solid-state physics. Mr Monk is a dual citizen of Canada and the United States.

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