Antonio Marinovic

Senior Partner , Marinovic & Cia

Antonio Marinovic is a senior partner of Marinovic y Cia Abogados. He specializes in civil and criminal matters related to copyright and trademark infringement. He has been responsible for designing and implementing anti-piracy campaigns across Chile and several other Latin American countries. In particular, he has managed the anti-piracy campaign for the Business Software Alliance in Chile for nearly 12 years and he is currently responsible for the protection of IP rights in Chile of various companies in the cinematographic, apparel, merchandising and video games industries, among many others. He has assisted Congress in the modifications of the Chilean Trademark and Copyright Laws. He has also closely worked with local authorities (Customs, police and prosecutors) in the implementation of the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights. Mr Marinovic graduated from the University of Chile and is a member of the Chilean Bar Association, Latin American Copyright Institute and Inter-American Association of Industrial Property.

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