Artificial Intelligence

Latest EPO Guidelines bring substantial revisions, with CIIs a major focus 

New edition will be effective from 1st November. As well as software-related topics, it covers issues such as unity of inventions, biological processes and changes to oral and opposition proceedings

Latest EPO Guidelines bring substantial revisions, with CIIs a major focus 
5 Oct 2018

Microsoft’s decision to join the LOT Network is another step in the company’s remarkable IP transformation

Move by software giant pushes LOT close to 300 members in major boost for defensive patent platform

27 Sep 2018

Renesas announces major move into IP licensing

The Japanese chip-maker, emerging from years of control by a public-private rescue fund, is aiming to diversify its revenue streams. The goal is to earn $90m from selling chip designs in 2025.


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27 Sep 2018

The role of AI in evidence-based strategic IP decisions

As patents increasingly take shape as a functional asset class, the use of artificial intelligence looks set to lead to more licensing and less litigation Read more

6 Sep 2018

Building an effective IP strategy for AI

As well as raising interesting and often unsettling ethical, moral, social, political and privacy issues, AI raises practical patentability questions Read more

10 Aug 2018

Microsoft leads in machine learning with Alphabet in hot pursuit – but the field remains wide open

Two US tech giants currently own the most – and the highest quality – patents relating to machine learning. State and university research labs in China have also made a strong showing, and experts say anyone could still end up on top. Read more

3 Aug 2018

More litigation and licensing opportunities will be result of tech players’ disruption

New report pegs aerospace, fintech and auto as three sectors where litigation risk is increasing. UK-based analytics provider Aistemos also predicts greater collaboration across industries. Read more


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11 Jul 2018

Artificial intelligence and the future of the patent system

There are myriad issues facing the global patent system which, if not addressed, could lead to a decline in its use.  Ed White of Clarivate Analytics argues that a close focus on AI can help to mitigate these issues. Read more

13 Jun 2018

The Battistelli legacy, China concerns, gambling opportunities and a whole lot more from IPBC Global 2018

The sessions on the third and final day of IPBC Global 2018 have now finished; and, like yesterday, the action has come thick and first across a variety of plenaries, breakouts and masterclasses. The members of IAM’s editorial team on the ground at… Read more

19 Apr 2018

Cost remains top priority and concern for most patent owners in Taiwan

Managing limited budget resources remains concern number one for most corporate patent owners in Taiwan – with just a handful of exceptions proving the rule. That was the biggest takeaway on Tuesday as over 200 senior executives from the private and… Read more

5 Apr 2018

Microsoft unveils new initiative to govern IP created in customer collaborations

Microsoft has announced the launch of a Shared Innovation Initiative which will help govern the company’s approach to co-created technology and the IP that arise from customer collaborations. The move is further evidence of the emphasis the… Read more


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29 Jun 2018

Tencent makes a splash in open source community by becoming a Linux Foundation platinum member

Chinese social media giant makes a big commitment to the Linux Foundation, becoming just the second Chinese firm to do so. Read more

24 May 2018

China races past US in AI and blockchain patent filings, but figures don’t tell the whole story

More patents related to artificial intelligence and blockchain technology were filed in China than in any other country in 2017, it has been revealed. With much of this growth being linked to a booming start-up scene, it looks like the playing field… Read more

22 May 2018

AI, blockchain and IoT patents all on the shopping list for latest IP3 buying programme

Details of the latest iteration of IP3, the patent buying programme hosted by AST designed to give IP owners a quick and efficient way of selling their assets, were announced this morning. This year’s version is open to non-AST members and is… Read more

1 May 2018

China’s growing surveillance apparatus drives cross-border patent deals

China is home to an estimated 170 million closed-circuit television cameras, and the BBC reports that another 400 million are set to come online by 2020. Chinese tech firms are pushing the limits of facial recognition technology, giving these… Read more