The search for the 2016 IP Hall of Fame inductees continues

We opened the search for this year’s IP Hall of Fame inductees a few weeks back and have already received the names of very many worthy nominees, but we know there are more out there.  So if you know of somebody who has made a game-changing contribution the IP landscape, please be sure to submit their details here for consideration by the esteemed IP Hall of Fame Academy. 

You may nominate as many people as you so wish – from any area of business, law, academia, politics – and nominees can be living or deceased. Self-nominations or those that are clearly made for promotional purposes will not be accepted.  All valid nominations will be submitted to the IP Hall of Fame Academy for consideration once the nomination process closes on March 4.  Each member of the Academy then has five votes for who they consider most worthy of induction.  The individuals who receive the most votes will be 2016’s inductees into the IP Hall of Fame.

The names of the selected individuals will be announced in April, and a ceremony will be held during the IPBC Global in Barcelona this June to honour them.

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