Patents in Asia 2015

The emerging innovation battleground

It is a pleasure to welcome you to the inaugural edition of Patents in Asia 2015. Co-published with some of the world’s leading IP law and attorney firms, this indispensable guide provides an overview of some of the major issues in current patent law and practice in the Asia-Pacific region. 

Comprising some of the world’s largest consumer markets, Asia-Pacific continues to undergo rapid development and offers abundant opportunities to globally focused businesses. The region’s patent systems are likewise evolving at pace, meaning that rights holders need to stay up to date with the latest legal and regulatory developments.

Each article presented in this guide is a country-based contribution in which correspondents answer a series of set questions on how patents are obtained and enforced in their jurisdiction. To ensure that Patents in Asia 2015 meets the highest standards, we reached out exclusively to legal professionals with recognised expertise and experience of advising on patent drafting, prosecution and litigation in the region. IAM is grateful to them for their efforts in developing something that gives on-the-pulse insights that should provide ongoing value from day to day.

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