Nokia’s booming licensing business is based on high-quality patents, with filings and acquisitions to help grow its portfolio, exclusive analysis for IAM reveals

Approximately 35% of Qualcomm patents cite Nokia assets, research commissioned by IAM has uncovered. In a deep-dive into the Finnish company’s portfolio, published exclusively for subscribers yesterday, other information revealed by the team of leading IP and technology analysis platforms we asked to do the research included the fact that Nokia’s patents have consistently ranked in the top 10% of grants worldwide in terms of quality, and that Nokia has been on a filing, selling and licensing spree since 2012.

In addition to a series of key licensing agreements that have seen the Finnish company lock deals in place with all of the world’s major handset manufacturers, Nokia’s filing activity has ramped-up considerably over the last six years. At the same time, the 2016 merger with Alcatel-Lucent has bolstered its portfolio in two key areas – in switches and relays (especially optical) and routing (within data transmission).

 “Nokia’s portfolio appears to be well balanced, with a high average quality across the complete age range of the portfolio,” commented Marco Richter of PatentSight, one of the companies that undertook the research for IAM.  More than 30% of Nokia’s portfolio has consistently been in the top 10% of patents in terms of quality worldwide, he added.

Further insight into Nokia’s patent holdings were provided by leading IP data and intelligence services, TechInsights, Relecura, and ktMINE.

In our full analysis, which can be seen here, we fully break down Nokia’s portfolio and provide a summary of the key IP-related events that have impacted the Finnish company in the last five years. 

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