IPBC Asia; cannabis innovation; Nokia win against Oppo; Continental/Atlantic settlement; Qualcomm earnings; plus much more

IPBC Asia; cannabis innovation; Nokia win against Oppo; Continental/Atlantic settlement; Qualcomm earnings; plus much more

Everything we covered on IAM over the last seven days – and all you need to know from the global IP market to set yourself up for the start of another busy week

The Long Read

How to successfully navigate ‘commercially reasonable effort’ obligations in IP agreements in the courtroom. Read more here

MONDAY 31 October

Siemens' IP Chief, who is spearheading a new Industry Patent Quality Charter, calls for the European Patent Office to hone-in on quality rather than efficiency. Read more here

IP professionals from all over the world gathered in The Westin Tokyo have a long-awaited catch up at the welcome reception of the first IPBC Asia since 2019. Read more here

Can two Federal Circuit ‘inventive concept’ rulings dent the volume of dismissal motions? Read more here

TUESDAY 01 November

Corning IP Director Anjanette Lecher reflects on applying a diversity and inclusion lens to intellectual property. Read more here

IP finance, monetisation and much more take centre stage on Day One of IPBC Asia 2022. Read more here

Five things to know as cannabis innovation and patenting rockets. Read more here

The UK Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal by Oppo related to whether a UK case or Chinese case should take precedence in its global patent battle with Nokia. Read more here

WEDNESDAY 02 November

The UPC, SEP arbitration and India among the key issues for the final day of IPBC Asia 2022. Read more here

WIPO patent chief Lisa Jorgenson on SEPs, patent quality and the future. Read more here

THURSDAY 03 November

As France Brevets folds, its CEO tells IAM that public sector links hindered monetisation efforts. Read more here

KPN scores in US suit against Ericsson but some issues remain. Read more here

Continental agrees to settlement with Atlantic IP entity over radar module patent. Read more here

FRIDAY 04 November

InterDigital CEO hails Apple deal but firm not yet committed to Avanci 5G programme. Read more here

Drug royalty agreements can help big pharma overcome patent cliffs, Behzad Khosrowshahi, CEO of DRI Healthcare Trust says. Read more here

Qualcomm emphasises new licensing markets as handset sales dive. Read more here

SATURDAY 05 November

Delivering change at the USPTO using the rulemaking process rather than relying on precedential decisions may take longer but is a much more effective and robust approach. Read more here


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