IAM’s benchmarking survey will provide a unique insight into the global IP market

In the week since we launched our IP benchmarking survey the response has been very encouraging.  Submissions have been flying in, but we want many more. The greater the number of respondents giving us their views on the current IP landscape, the better our final picture of it will be. So if you have not yet taken the time to take part, why not do so now?

In order to get the best overview, we have created three unique surveys aimed at different sections of the IP market. One is designed for those managing IP portfolios in-house, another is for lawyers and attorneys working in private practice, and a third is for individuals working in non-practising entities. All the surveys cover issues such as patent valuation, deals and deal-making, patent office performance and the leading litigation venues, but each has specially targeted questions too.

We appreciate that the three surveys do not cover IAM’s entire readership, and apologise that for some of you this will mean having to miss out on participating this year.  However, for the majority of you who do fit into one of these categories, taking 15 minutes out of your day to complete the relevant survey will not only help IAM capture a sharper picture of the IP world today, but will entitle you to a copy of the full results of the survey.

The details of all respondents will be kept totally confidential and the closing date for receipt of survey responses is 25th March.

•              If you work at an operating company, please click here to complete your survey.

•              If you work at an NPE, please click here to complete your survey.

•              If you are a private practice lawyer or attorney, please click here to complete your survey.

An overview of the results will be published in IAM and on this blog in June.

Should you have any questions about the survey or experience any technical difficulties, please contact IAM’s senior reporter, Sara-Jayne Clover, at [email protected].

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