WiLAN CEO departs; Huawei and Samsung settle; Sisvel and RPX exclusive; controversial EU SPC rules set for summer; plus a whole lot more

It’s never a dull moment in the global IP market and last week was no exception. As usual, IAM reported on all the major developments and provided a range of exclusives to ensure our readership stayed abreast of all the important news. Here’s what we covered …

MONDAY 25th February

Amendments to China’s Patent Law are likely to offer firms an option to open their portfolios to all willing royalty-payers, but a lack of incentives means users may not bite. Read more here

A controversial EU regulation allowing generic companies to stockpile SPC-protected drugs is set to be implemented this summer. Read more here

Apple closes East Texas stores in apparent “anti-troll” move, but still faces a growing litigation threat in the Lone Star State. Read more here

TUESDAY 26th February

Our SEP licence with Sisvel creates a template for deals that could end up saving industry billions of dollars, says RPX CEO in exclusive interview. Read more here

An American Chamber of Commerce in China survey reveals that IP concerns are affecting US firms' business plans, with ‘cautious pessimism’ being the new normal. Read more here

New York-based private equity firm Brevet Capital launches suit against Apple with patents previously owned by Samsung and Panasonic just weeks after acquiring NPE PanOptis. Read more here

WEDNESDAY 27th February

The search to find 2019’s entrants into the IP Hall of Fame continues. Read more here

THURSDAY 28th February

Huawei and Samsung have settled their long-running patent battle, but the three-year dispute shed light on the Chinese company's negotiating style and royalty demands. Read more here

An infographic displaying the key elements of the brokered patent market in 2018, in which bouncebackability was the name of the game. Read more here

After just months in the job, WiLAN CEO Keaton Parekh has been replaced by the firm's former COO in what has been described as a restructuring at the NPE. Read more here

FRIDAY 1st March

China Mobile has become the second Chinese firm to join the Avanci platform after recently rowing-back from a 2018 statement suggesting it wouldn’t collect 5G royalty fees. Read more here

TiVo has delayed a decision on splitting its product and IP businesses, but an eventual divide appears increasingly likely. Read more here

Our annual benchmarking survey is now open. Give us your views on key issues such as patent transactions, valuation, patent office performance and the best litigation venues. Read more here

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