The world’s most valuable patent; In-depth VW portfolio analysis; How to encourage more women into IP; Huawei 5G patent confusion; Brexit’s IP bright spot; and much more

Everything we covered on IAM over the last seven days – and all you need to know from the global IP market to set yourself up for the start of another busy week

MONDAY 9th September

Why IBM’s decision to make the ISA behind its Power series of processors available on a royalty free basis is very good news for China. Read more here

Life sciences companies worry about eligible subject matter, compulsory licensing and the abolition of innovation patents as Australia moves closer to re-jigging its patent system. Read more here

Software loses its top slot for the first time in a decade with healthcare and pharma rising to the premier position in the latest US patent sales data. Read more here

TUESDAY 10th September

Research reports in China increasingly highlight companies whose claims to innovation may not jibe with their patent portfolios. Read more here

An Indian court has ruled that infringement actions cannot be maintained when the patent-in-suit is revoked, regardless of whether the revocation is being appealed. Read more here

IP boutique Harrity & Harrity has launched a project designed to help foster the growth of minority-owned specialist IP law firms. Read more here

WEDNESDAY 11th September

The US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit has for the first time found that treatment method patents are invalid because they claim ineligible subject matter under section 101. Read more here

We got it wrong on 2013 SEP guidance, says former USPTO Director Kappos, and the Department of Justice was right to walk away. Read more here

In the run-up to Software IP 2019, the University of Chicago's George Chellapa describes the challenges of the fast-moving sector and how working with industry is crucial. Read more here

The new commissioner of the JPO and Japan’s top cabinet adviser on IP will both address IPBC Asia in Tokyo in some of their first appearances in front of a global audience. Read more here

THURSDAY 12th September

Huawei boss Ren Zhengfei welcomes telecom equipment competition with a grandiose 5G technology and patent offer, but some key details are still open to question. Read more here

The IP world, particularly in the field of patents, continues to be dominated by men. The Boston Manifesto sets out ways to encourage greater gender diversity. Read more here

FTC v Qualcomm could be the high-water mark of the anti-patent movement of last decade, analysts claim. Read more here

FRIDAY 13th September

An IP war between two South Korean battery makers continues to escalate, but top executives could meet amidst calls for national unity. Read more here

Detailed portfolio analysis shows that Volkswagen has growing patent strength in electrical power systems and autonomous driving, but that software is a weak point. Read more here

The world’s most valuable patent is not owned by a BigTech titan or a pharma giant, but by a relatively small Bay Area technology and licensing operation. Read more here

SATURDAY 14th September

Despite a pervading sense of gloom in the UK, the quality of English courts and lawyers - and the remedies now available to plaintiffs - mean that there is an IP bright spot amidst the Brexit carnage. Read more here

Against the backdrop of escalating trade tensions and technology tussles, Asia's elite IP owners, and their North American and European counterparts, will gather in Tokyo between October 28-30 for IPBC Asia 2019. Want to be part of the discussion? Book your place here

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