Microsoft IP head quits; Big week for Nokia; Lean times for US licensing pros; Pharma dominates Q3 patent sales market; Huawei-linked NPE busy in China; plus much more

Everything we covered on IAM over the last seven days – and all you need to know from the global IP market to set yourself up for the start of another busy week

MONDAY 9th December

India and Japan inaugurated a Patent Prosecution Highway scheme last week, but it will be one-way traffic when it comes to pharma rights. Read more here

The next generation of mobile communication looks set to kick off a technological revolution. Understanding the IP terrain will be crucial for those companies seeking to profit. Read more here

Healthcare and pharma was once again the busiest sector for patent deals in the third quarter in the US, as it and a trio of other sectors dominated activity. Read more here

TUESDAY 10th December

At an event held last week, competition insiders identified several IP questions where disagreement remains among China’s trustbusters. Read more here

IAM looks at the trends – in terms of the patent dance, IP thickets, settlements and decisions – that have shaped US biosimilars disputes. Read more here

How the threat of unsold right, the rise of the in-house dealmaker and a revolution in analytics are re-engineering the IP deals market. Read more here

BREAKING – Microsoft IP head Erich Andersen steps down to take job as GC at another company after more than five years in top role. Read more here

WEDNESDAY 11th December

China’s Supreme People’s Court IP Tribunal gave the final word on both validity and infringement in a case involving LG Electronics – a first in the country’s bifurcated system. Read more here

Agreement with Gett sees around 40 assets transferred to Lyft continuing a busy period of IP dealmaking for the ride-sharing company. Read more here

THURSDAY 12th December

Shenzhen-based NPE with links to Huawei is still on the attack in China but doesn’t appear to have launched new campaigns against foreign firms. Read more here

In patent auctions this month and next, Seoul Semiconductors is offering two radically different portfolios – and a range of businesses could be making bids. Read more here

Nokia sees Daimler agree to mediation in high-profile suit, while Munich appeals court upholds anti-anti-suit injunction and a related Northern California case is sent to Texas. Read more here

FRIDAY 13th December

In addition to the big names, the LOT Network is attracting China-focused companies that have never faced assertion in US courts. Read more here 

Solicitor General’s Hikma opinion means that life sciences innovators may have to place their hopes on the Athena petition for a SCOTUS review of patent eligibility standards. Read more here

A tricky jobs market is leaving licensing professionals in the US with fewer options to build their careers and take senior roles. Read more here

SATURDAY 14th December

Prospects for US legislation on patent eligibility may have dimmed, but that does not mean that IP owners should take their eyes off events in Washington DC. Read more here

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