J&J wins big in China; New insurance protects US damages awards; Dim prospects for 101 reform; Huawei’s IP Edge deal; More Moderna patent pain; plus much more

Everything we covered on IAM over the last seven days – and all you need to know from the global IP market to set yourself up for the start of another busy week

The Long Read

The recent findings of a survey conducted by Cipher suggest that upward communication of patent risk only occurs when a major issue arises. Nigel Swycher and Francesca Levoir argue that companies need a better framework for managing and mitigating the IP threats they face. Read more here

MONDAY 8 November

The China National IP Administration identified 545,000 ‘abnormal’ patent applications in the first half of 2021 under a new system set up to flag bogus filing activity. Read more here

Judgment preservation insurance allows plaintiffs that have won big ticket US district court damages to cover themselves against awards being overturned or substantially reduced on appeal. Read more here

TUESDAY 9 November

The patent system should address its current blind spot around AI-generated inventions, says Korean IP Office commissioner Kim Yong Rae. Read more here

A CAFC decision handed down last Friday elaborates on recently established Hatch-Waxman venue selection rules and makes life tough for pharma patent owners. Read more here

New legislative initiatives to bring more clarity to the US patent eligibility regime will struggle to gain traction in the face of entrenched and opposing positions within the IP community. Read more here

WEDNESDAY 10 November

A recent ruling by an English court confirms that Oppo’s central strategy against Nokia, in the pair's multi-jurisdictional patent battle, involves asking a Chinese court to set SEP licence terms. Read more here

Many of the patent defendants fleeing Judge Alan Albright’s West Texas courtroom seek transfer to the Northern District of California; and data from Docket Navigator indicates why. Read more here

THURSDAY 11 November

Records from China and South Korea show that a patent battle between Apple and Samsung subsidiary Corephotonics has spread from the US to Asia – to the iPhone maker’s advantage. Read more here

On top of existing covid IP controversies, Moderna now finds itself at loggerheads with the US federal government over inventorship of crucial vaccine technology. Read more here

A patent battle between MediaTek and NXP has found its way to the ITC, with both seeking to halt imports of each other’s chips at a time when US semiconductor supplies are already tight. Read more here

FRIDAY 12 November

USPTO records show that Huawei transferred 41 patent assets to Texas-based, IP Edge affiliate Mason Licensing LLC earlier this year. Read more here

IP analytics providers are struggling to build one-size-fits-all products at a time when the users of patent data have never been more diffuse. Read more here

A multi-million-dollar damages win for a J&J subsidiary against a local infringer in China illustrates just how far the country’s IP landscape is developing in favour of patentees. Read more here

SATURDAY 13 November

China must avoid FRAND pitfalls if the country is to achieve its goal of wielding more influence over global SEP issues. Read more here

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