Intel hit by $2bn WDTX damages; Top German court clamps down on holdout; Covid patent doubts; Nokia and Samsung video deal; China blockchain IP lead; and much more

Intel hit by $2bn WDTX damages; Top German court clamps down on holdout; Covid patent doubts; Nokia and Samsung video deal; China blockchain IP lead; and much more

Everything we covered on IAM over the last seven days – and all you need to know from the global IP market to set yourself up for the start of another busy week

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The Long Read

The covid-19 pandemic has shown just how important university technology transfer is to the biopharma sector – and to the wider world. Making it work, though, is no easy task. Based on interviews with IP leaders at four ground-breaking academic and research institutions, IAM life sciences reporter Adam Houldsworth identifies what is necessary to give parties the best chance of success. Read more here

MONDAY 8th March

Geopolitical headwinds make big-ticket M&As in the semiconductor sector involving Chinese companies far less likely, but smaller-scale IP deals look set to continue. Read more here

In a new Sisvel v Haier ruling, Germany’s Federal Court of Justice makes clear that holdout is no longer a viable strategy for parties seeking to avoid agreeing a FRAND licence. Read more here

The NPE behind the monetisation of a portfolio of former BlackBerry patents has filed infringement lawsuits against Anker and Cyber Power Systems. Read more here

TUESDAY 9th March

Hosik Jang is to steer Marconi’s efforts in South Korea after 35 years at Samsung Electronics, during which he headed up the company’s IP litigation, licensing and strategy operations. Read more here

New data is beginning to shed light on covid-19-related IP filings, but major patent landscape uncertainties pose dangers for research organisations and access to medicine. Read more here

A massive $2 billion patent damages award in West Texas has given Fortress a powerful victory in its multi-front patent battle with Intel. Read more here

WEDNESDAY 10th March

LG Electronics is considering strategic options for its smartphone operation, but indications are that it remains committed to deploying its wireless standards IP to support the broader product business. Read more here

AST's IP3 buying programme was back again in 2020 and while it generated close to $3 million, the total was down on the previous year and the 2016 record. Read more here

THURSDAY 11th March

Nokia and Samsung Electronics have announced a new licensing agreement to cover IP rights related to video standards in a deal that will see the Korean company pay Nokia royalties. Read more here

One of Taiwan's most high-profile IP disputes comes to an end with lens maker Largan owning a big chunk of the company it accused of trade secrets theft back in 2012. Read more here

A recent appeal to the US Supreme Court is a stark reminder of how seemingly small patent filing mistakes can have a decisive impact on high-stakes disputes. Read more here

FRIDAY 12th March

Chinese companies lead the way in blockchain patent filing volume, but qualitative data shows there could be a significant value gap between some of the biggest portfolios in the space. Read more here

The volume of US patent transactions dipped slightly in the last three months of 2020, but indications are that overall the market is relatively healthy. Read more here

SATURDAY 13th March

Patent licensing has transformed many industries. However, countering the criticism it gets means not only singing its praises but also working to improve what does not work as well as it could. Read more here

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