Intel auction on hold; US patent grants fall; Focus on Amazon’s unusual portfolio; India IP Board told to start work again; NYT pharma patent controversy; plus much more

Everything we covered on IAM over the last seven days – and all you need to know from the global IP market to set yourself up for the start of another busy week

MONDAY 8th July

Gionee is a bankrupt Chinese mobile vendor. Its China-heavy smartphone patent portfolio could draw interest from local operating companies and NPEs focused on the market. Read more here

The latest data from the IPO of top 300 companies shows an overall decline in the number of US patents being granted to the biggest tech businesses. Read more here

TUESDAY 9th July

Advisory firm led by ex-Tencent IP chief helps two Shenzhen-listed panel makers link up for an LCD patent deal amidst growing litigation activity in the space. Read more here

The CAFC has upheld a PTAB final written decision invalidating a patent despite the owner’s objection that all real-parties-in-interest were not properly named in the original review petition. Read more here

Litigation fight between Spangenberg and Zur takes another turn with New York judge dismissal of Fortress suit. Read more here


Intel suspends patent auction after entering sale talks with unnamed buyer; Apple looks like a strong candidate to purchase the portfolio of 8,500 largely unencumbered wireless assets. Read more here

Our round-up of the major patent issues affecting pharma and biotech that emerged on the legal, market and policy fronts last month. Read more here

THURSDAY 11th July

The CEO of a hot AI startup, a top China-focused VC and Lenovo’s CIO shared their views on patents, innovation and trade tensions at one of Asia’s largest tech events. Read more here

Decision denying en banc rehearing of much-watched Athena case means that hopes for 101 reform now hinge on legislators and the Supreme Court. Read more here

RPX data highlights big drop in success of early 101 challenges in district court cases; if trend continues would point to shift in balance of power back to IP owners. Read more here

FRIDAY 12th July

Delhi judge orders India’s IP Appellate Board to start hearing cases again. The body has been paralysed for years and more than 600 appeals of patent office decisions are in limbo. Read more here

As it celebrates its 25th anniversary, Amazon finds itself under patent pressure in the cloud and perhaps in need of a portfolio review. Read more here

Former Yahoo! patent portfolio starts to attract deals and potential new owners as dissolution of parent company Altaba draws closer. Read more here

SATURDAY 13th July

The New York Times’ controversial patent seizure proposal is a stark reminder of the mounting IP pressure the life sciences sector is under in the US. Read more here

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