BlackBerry’s golden portfolio; Life science IP deals surge; SCOTUS lacks 101 stomach, says CAFC judge; How to sell patents; It’s the PTAB, stupid; plus much more

Everything we covered on IAM over the last seven days – and all you need to know from the global IP market to set yourself up for the start of another busy week

MONDAY 7th September

China’s next big IPO will feature auto IP leader Geely, which has more than 9,000 patents and counts licensing as a major revenue source. Read more here

In a time of economic uncertainty patent sales often rise; and there are some very clear do’s and don’ts for IP owners to follow when putting assets on the market. Read more here

TUESDAY 8th September

A $6.6bn deal with Verizon is the latest sign that Samsung is stepping into the network gear big leagues and indicates it is seizing 5G opportunities enabled by patent leadership. Read more here

Pharma company Amarin has seen its share price shrink by almost 80% this year following the unexpected invalidation of the US patents protecting its sole marketed product, Vascepa. Read more here

Tie-up with AST will give LOTNet members a first look at portfolios set to be put on secondary market and enable them to take licences. Read more here

WEDNESDAY 9th September

 A Chinese utility model that has spawned 4,000 lawsuits, with a close to 50% win rate, has just racked up another win. Read more here

Top 10 takeaways from this year’s Global Innovation Index, which covers innovation trends and performances in 131 economies, and identifies the world’s most-innovative countries. Read more here

Senate Judiciary IP sub-committee head urges the US Trade Representative to prioritise strong IP protection in any free trade agreement with India. Read more here

THURSDAY 10th September

A report shows that Chinese businesses are under increasing threat of patent suits in the US - and that usually they are on the wrong side of the outcome. Read more here

Following a spate of licensing deals, high-value life sciences IP deals seem to be back in business after a pandemic-induced pause. Read more here

Q2 IPR increase comes on the back of a jump in district court cases, while digging deep into the numbers shows interesting trend in number of patents challenged at the PTAB. Read more here

FRIDAY 11th September

A new entity out of Japan has sourced patent portfolios from Samsung Electronics, TCL and Kyocera, and joined Via Licensing’s LTE pool as a licensor. Read more here

BlackBerry’s patents pack a punch and claims of a technologically diverse holding ring true, but slowing filing levels leave pipeline questions. Read more here

The latest numbers show stock price rises for elite patent owning companies in both the telecoms and semiconductor sectors continued into July. Read more here

CAFC judge claims Supreme Court lacks stomach for further 101 cases, criticises district court approach to injunctive relief and offers views on recent big-ticket European SEP decisions. Read more here

SATURDAY 12th September

Whoever wins the US presidency in November, it looks like the PTAB is going to be at the centre of patent policy debate over the coming years. Read more here

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