World’s most valuable portfolios named; Blackberry’s PTAB setback; Female inventor numbers soar; Chinese patent fund mooted; US litigation number rises; and much more

Everything we covered on IAM over the last seven days – and all you need to know from the global IP market to set yourself up for the start of another busy week

MONDAY 7th October

Japanese patent fund IP Bridge got new leadership earlier this year, but its willingness to litigate in its own name and work with assertion entities appears unchanged. Read more here

After Judge Moore’s “validity goulash” comments, congressman says recent CAFC decision underlines need for legislative action on patent eligibility. Read more here 

TUESDAY 8th October

Chinese leaders in AI, facial recognition and data forensics among those added to Bureau of Industrial Security entity list in move that will accelerate China tech’s inward turn. Read more here

Senior executives from CalTech, Stanford, Battelle and Rambus share their thoughts on the changing state of play in tech transfer. Read more here

Europe’s highest court has handed down a surprising decision concerning the consequences of an “unjustified” preliminary injunction issued in a pharma patent case. Read more here

WEDNESDAY 9th October

The PTAB has dismissed an IPR petition filed by Intel against a Chinese state research lab in the most recent setback for the chipmaker in a unique legal fight. Read more here

IAM has teamed up with Cipher to develop a survey designed to shed more light on how companies manage their portfolios for maximum strategic advantage in the most cost-efficient way. Read more here

IBM, Samsung, Canon, Microsoft and Bosch own the world’s most valuable patent portfolios, new analysis claims, and together hold assets worth well in excess of $35 billion. Read more here

THURSDAY 10th October

The government of Shenzhen has published plans to raise an IP fund in the latest move by a Chinese municipality to pump public money into promising companies in IP-intensive industries. Read more here

In theory, patent term adjustment calculations should be simple; in practice they rarely are. That makes two recent CAFC decisions in this area important to know about. Read more here

Blackberry patents face a growing pile of IPR institutions after the company’s launch of a licensing offensive against Facebook, Snap and Twitter. Read more here

FRIDAY 11th October

Fractus has opened a new litigation front against Chinese smartphone companies in India, where brands without licences from the antenna design business have taken a large market share. Read more here

A report by the UK IP Office finds more women named on patents than ever before – but also that they remain woefully under-represented. We present the top takeaways from a timely study. Read more here

While the number of new patent cases filed at US district courts has declined through the year, analysis from RPX indicates that one key metric was up in the third quarter. Read more here

SATURDAY 12th October

The current trade war with the US is one reason why China may end up being less friendly to patent owners than it once promised to be - but it’s not the only one. Read more here

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