BB patent buyer’s NPE links; Dutch courts' patent boom; SEP licensors key Western assets; EU closer to SPC harmonisation; Caltech’s $1 billion loss; plus much more

BB patent buyer’s NPE links; Dutch courts' patent boom; SEP licensors key Western assets; EU closer to SPC harmonisation; Caltech’s $1 billion loss; plus much more

Everything we covered on IAM over the last seven days – and all you need to know from the global IP market to set yourself up for the start of another busy week

The Long Read

In an exclusive data analysis, Zhang Xin of Lung Tin Law Firm surveys over 250 challenges to wireless SEPs at the China National IP Administration and draws lessons for both petitioners and rights holders. Read more here

MONDAY 7 February

Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry is currently seeking industry input on proposed guidelines for SEP licensing. Read more here

Data from Docket Navigator shows that BlackBerry patent buyer York Eggleston IV’s existing NPEs have filed at least 36 lawsuits against 23 defendants. Read more here

TUESDAY 8 February

Canon’s IP chief and the former head of IP at Nikon explain how an evolving market creates opportunities for companies that hold camera patents reading on products in multiple industries. Read more here

Dutch courts are already playing an important role in many multi-jurisdictional patent battles – and the signs are that their popularity is only going to increase. Read more here

There is a potentially significant win for other patent holders in a recent CAFC ruling that struck out a $1.1 billion Caltech damages award against Apple and Broadcom. Read more here

WEDNESDAY 9 February

The failure of policy makers in Washington DC, Brussels and elsewhere to view SEP holders such as Qualcomm, Nokia and Ericsson as key geopolitical assets could prove very costly. Read more here

The USPTO’s Deferred Subject Matter Eligibility Response Pilot Program may be an attractive option for certain rights holders. Read more here

THURSDAY 10 February

The purchase and licensing of platform technologies is changing the nature of life sciences IP value creation, with knock-on consequences for litigation and freedom-to-operate. Read more here

Moderna’s decision not to share proprietary data or offer tech-transfer assistance to the WHO’s African mRNA vaccine hub was a blessing in disguise, says MD of a key player in the project. Read more here

In comments so far published on the Biden administration’s new draft policy statement on SEP licensing policy, many big licensors reject the text and some implementers want it to go further. Read more here

FRIDAY 11 February

Samsung Display is looking to its patents as strategic tools in the face of increasing competition in the OLED market, according to an executive vice-president at the company. Read more here

The European Commission has taken the next step towards the creation of a harmonised supplementary protection certificate regime. Read more here

General counsel and IP heads from businesses including Intel, Micron and GM have called for US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo to overturn the PTAB Fintiv discretionary denials regime. Read more here

SATURDAY 12 February

Though digital IP tools have come a long way, they have yet to make inroads into the most high-level areas of decision making. Read more here

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