5G SEP truth; inside the IBM portfolio; Toyota attacks GE hybrid vehicle patents; the harm Mayo has done; Faraday Future’s $1.25bn IP valuation; plus much more

5G SEP truth; inside the IBM portfolio; Toyota attacks GE hybrid vehicle patents; the harm Mayo has done; Faraday Future’s $1.25bn IP valuation; plus much more

Everything we covered on IAM over the last seven days – and all you need to know from the global IP market to set yourself up for the start of another busy week

MONDAY 6th May

Don’t be fooled by headlines about Chinese 5G SEP leadership - patent quality, not quantity, is what really counts. Read more here

Rio Tinto has accused a US rival, which has prospered under President Trump’s import tariffs, of infringing two of its patents. Read more here

In a tough Chinese market, a deal with Oppo means a lot to licensors. It’s a fact the vendor has used to gain hundreds of new patents. Read more here


Cash-strapped electric vehicle start-up Faraday Future hopes to attract much-needed funding after a $1.25 billion valuation of its IP and tech portfolio. Read more here

IAM’s round-up of April’s key legislative, legal and market developments affecting life sciences patent owners and their advisers. Read more here

New research shows the stark effects that the Mayo decision has had on medical diagnostic patent grant rates, with applicants now facing increased uncertainty and higher costs. Read more here


IPBC Global, the world's leading event about IP value creation, is taking place in Boston from 16th to 18th June. Over 500 delegates have already signed up and space for more is limited. Read more here


Although it is the perennial recipient of most US patents every year, IBM’s abandonment strategy means its portfolio is not America’s biggest. It has also been quietly recalibrating its holdings. Read more here

At the same time as offering its own hybrid vehicle patents royalty-free, Toyota is challenging US rights owned by GE in the space – but early returns from the PTAB are not promising. Read more here

With the auto industry facing numerous competitive challenges, traditional operators are increasingly turning to partnerships in a dynamic that throws up numerous IP challenges. Read more here

FRIDAY 10th May

Nintendo has reached a deal with Tencent to bring its lucrative IP to China. It is well-positioned to succeed where other games companies have faltered. Read more here

A recent precedential CAFC decision is particularly informative on the role of scepticism of others in determining the patentability of an invention. Read more here

TiVo has announced plans to separate its product and IP licensing arms into standalone businesses, though much may depend on how a long-running patent dispute with Comcast plays out. Read more here 


WIPO has published an in-depth Technology Trends report focusing on the patent landscape in the artificial intelligence space. We provide the top 10 takeaways. Read more here

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