Big US SEP surprise; New Open RAN pool formed; Ericsson IP head exclusive; Top law firms for PTAB defendants; Huawei seeks more pool opportunities; plus much more

Big US SEP surprise; New Open RAN pool formed; Ericsson IP head exclusive; Top law firms for PTAB defendants; Huawei seeks more pool opportunities; plus much more

Everything we covered on IAM over the last seven days – and all you need to know from the global IP market to set yourself up for the start of another busy week

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The Long Read

More than 70% of the technical contributions to the 5G standard have been submitted by just 10 companies and that poses a significant challenge for policymakers, write Qualcomm’s Georgios Effraimidis and Kirti Gupta. Read more here


GlaxoSmithKline’s multi-billion-dollar acquisition of Affinivax is another reminder of the value being generated by platform technology IP in the healthcare sector. Read more here

Perkins Coie reigns supreme among US law firms across two major metrics for patentee-side success at the PTAB, according to exclusive IAM data analysis. Read more here


Open RAN patent pool Alium, a joint venture between MPEG LA and Unified Patents, gets off the ground with backing of top US telco operators, as well as a few monetisation-focused licensors. Read more here

Dispute's over Genentech's trastuzumab have helped write the patent playbook for innovators and imitators in the biologics space. Read more here

The three judges hearing oral arguments at the CAFC in the DABUS case appeared to adopt a sceptical stance about the ability of AI to be an inventor. Read more here


Huawei is exploring opportunities to participate in patent pools around both Wi-Fi technology and 5G networks, says the company’s IP head Alan Fan. Read more here

The latest data from AST points to a steep decline in US patent sales compared to last year’s numbers, but there are some indications that more licensing is being done. Read more here

In a surprise move, the Department of Justice, the USPTO and NIST have withdrawn their 2019 joint policy statement on SEPs and FRAND without adopting a proposed 2021 redraft. Read more here


Although the exact start date for the new Unified Patent Court is unknown, the short period for opting out existing European patent bundles could begin in less than a month. Read more here

After three years in charge of Ericsson’s IP function, Christina Petersson is confident that she and her team are well-placed to reap the monetary dividends of the company’s investments in R&D. Read more here

Kathi Vidal creates new use for USPTO director Arthrex reviews and so-called IPR trolls become the test case. Read more here

FRIDAY 10 June

In a letter to the group that oversees the ubiquitous Bluetooth standard, Canon has taken aim at Nokia over a patent sale to a prolific NPE. Read more here

The English High Court has delivered a victory for Advanced Bionics in its multi-jurisdictional patent dispute with Med-El that could help to diminish the knock-on effects of a German injunction. Read more here

A patent owner may have failed to secure the fruits of a $200 million damages award against Samsung because of the relationship between its own licensing arm and a litigation financier. Read more here


Outgoing IAM editor Jacob Schindler reflects on how Asia has become more central to the great SEP debate over the eight years he covered the IP market's ups and downs from Hong Kong. Read more here

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