Covid-19 compulsory licensing latest; Top US patent judge exclusive; EU leaders urge coronavirus IP fund; Bosch portfolio analysis; Sprint’s classic patent play; plus much more

Everything we covered on IAM over the last seven days – and all you need to know from the global IP market to set yourself up for the start of another busy week

MONDAY 6th April

The Delhi High Court has ruled that even though innovations in AI, blockchain and other digital products are based on computer programs they can be patentable. Read more here

IAM announces new dates for IPBC Global 2020 and IPBC Europe 2020, and also launches a new series of free-to-attend IPBC Talking Heads webinars. Read more here

Exclusive Judge Albright interview, part one – why he has made the Western District of Texas a beacon for patent cases. Read more here

TUESDAY 7th April

UK government called on to investigate as Chinese backer moves to take up board seats, but the time to worry about IP ownership may be past. Read more here

Governments are beginning to adopt extraordinary measures to tackle the covid-19 pandemic and it is little surprise that the prospect of compulsory patent licensing has arisen. Read more here

Exclusive Judge Albright interview, part two – why it is wrong to see the Western District of Texas as a plaintiff friendly court. Read more here


Recent assignment records indicate that after agreeing a “collaboration and service transaction” deal with Longhorn IP, TSMC is providing the NPE with patents to license-out. Read more here

From the IAM back catalogue, a selection of some of the exclusive interviews we have run with the individuals who run the world's most important patent offices. Read more here

Detailed analysis indicates that Bosch’s patent portfolio is very well positioned for the advent of the age of connectivity. Read more here

Antenna R&D and licensing business Fractus has expanded its assertion campaign targeting recalcitrant licensees by filing a case against Chinese handset manufacturer TCL in EDTX. Read more here

THURSDAY 9th April

Not only are wheels in motion to create a WHO voluntary pool of covid-19-related IP rights, but two senior EU politicians are also suggesting a publicly-owned coronavirus patent pool or fund. Read more here

Dominion Harbor sues a subsidiary of state-owned China Electronics Corporation with display portfolio acquired from Intellectual Ventures. Read more here

Intervention in the Apple and Intel suit against Fortress is the latest DoJ Antitrust Division has made in a line of FRAND/SEP cases, and that matters not only in the US but also overseas. Read more here

FRIDAY 10th April

Global data comparison shows how Chinese government measures have pushed the country's tech companies to the forefront of blockchain patent filing. Read more here

In advance of its acquisition by T-Mobile, Sprint provided a classic example of how companies can manage their patent portfolios to maximum effect at times of financial distress. Read more here

Operating company plaintiffs have done much better than NPEs in motions dismiss since the CAFC’s landmark Berkheimer decision, new analysis shows. Read more here

SATURDAY 11th April

There are several reasons why the Western District of Texas is becoming such a popular patent litigation venue and one of them is Judge Albright’s long experience in IP. Read more here

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