UPC gets German green light; New Microsoft IP head; Nokia hits Oppo with patent suits; First VVC pool launched; IP Hall of Fame inductees announced; plus much more

Everything we covered on IAM over the last seven days – and all you need to know from the global IP market to set yourself up for the start of another busy week

The Long Read

Intellectual assets are all too often underutilised and under-protected, even in knowledge-based businesses. Spotify’s Per Wendin and Ellenor Hayes explain how the audio-streaming platform avoids falling into that trap with a strategy designed to safeguard, develop and leverage the intellectual assets that it holds to maximise their value. Read more here


TSMC has seized on a chance to acquire a portfolio of MediaTek patents, the latest bounty from a partnership it formed with WiLAN back in 2018. Read more here

Procter & Gamble tops the list of entities whose patents were subject to most EPO opposition proceedings in 2020. Henkel did more opposing than anyone else. Read more here


IAM is delighted to announce the five individuals being inducted into the IP Hall of Fame in 2021: Florent Gevers, Andrei Iancu, Frederick Lanham, Daniel McCurdy and Laura Quatela. Read more here

There is no hotter space in IP or video right now than VVC. That makes Access Advance’s launch of the first patent pool covering the standard a big deal. Read more here

Oppositions data reveals another theatre in which European patent litigation is hitting home for Chinese mobile makers. Read more here


The European Union has used a formal WTO process to ask China for more information about its approach to anti-suit injunctions in SEP cases. Read more here

The UK Supreme Court has ruled that the NHS is not entitled to damages from Servier for losses incurred as the result of the assertion of a pharma patent that was later invalidated. Read more here


In the wake of stalled licensing negotiations, Nokia has initiated patent litigation against Oppo in at least five jurisdictions. Read more here

A new report provides valuable insight into the commercial power of supplementary protection certificates in Europe. Read more here

A low-key change at the top of the Microsoft IP function is a sign of how things have changed at the company over recent years. Read more here


The Delhi High Court has announced that it is setting up an Intellectual Property Division with immediate effect. Read more here

The German Constitutional Court has paved the way for the Unified Patent Court to be up and running as early as next year. Read more here

At the request of a bipartisan group of senators, the USPTO is undertaking a study on patent eligibility jurisprudence. The way it is being framed indicates that reform legislation may follow. Read more here


IP data analytics tools need to become a lot more user-friendly and reflective of wider business needs if non-patent professionals are to be convinced of their value. Read more here

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