IBM set to join LOTNet; CAFC decision good news for pharma; TiVo could split; the US’s first biosimilar’s case; and plenty more

IBM set to join LOTNet; CAFC decision good news for pharma; TiVo could split; the US’s first biosimilar’s case; and plenty more

All the stories we covered on IAM last week – and there were plenty of them …

MONDAY 4th February

Microsoft and Alphabet possess the strongest machine learning patent portfolios, but Chinese state-sponsored R&D and access to data have the potential to shift the power dynamics. Read more here

Taiwan’s IP office director states that even TSMC, the island's top patentee, relies on trade secrets to protect 90% of innovations. Read more here

After Microsoft's headline grabbing decision to sign-up last year, LOTNet’s CEO “absolutely expects IBM to join” once its Red Hat acquisition is finalised. Read more here

Eighteen new names have been added to the Asia IP Elite listing, the exclusive IAM index of the companies and other entities in the region that have world class IP functions. Read more here

TUESDAY 5th February

How IP strategy has helped PTT Global Chemical, the subsidiary of Thailand's state-owned oil and gas giant, better understand its technology space and attract joint venture partners. Read more here

The Federal Circuit’s precedential judgment in Supernus Pharmaceuticals v Iancu is good news for US patent owners – especially those in life sciences. Read more here

The latest reports suggest that result of a strategic review will see TiVo’s product and IP arms separate, but a courtroom tussle with Comcast means the timing is not great. Read more here

WEDNESDAY 6th February

The annual search for outstanding individuals to induct into the IP Hall of Fame starts today and we want your help. Read more here

THURSDAY 7th February

Pantech has sold a portfolio of parents to Oppo as the company’s new ownership seeks to get out from under nearly $100 million of debt. Read more here

If the FTC and Apple are successful in rewriting the rules for Qualcomm’s licensing arm beware of unintended consequences that reduce choice and harm consumers, expert analyst warns. Read more here

FRIDAY 8th February

Coherus’s Delaware action against Amgen is the US’s first all biosimilar patent suit and it shows how a new pharma IP landscape is emerging. Read more here

Wacom, the Japanese maker of high-end tablets and styluses for artists and designers, has acquired more patents amidst new US litigation and a push to reach more consumers. Read more here

PTAB reforms have fuelled a miraculous rise up the latest International IP Index for the US patent system, but a recent CAFC eligibility decision highlights the serious challenges that remain. Read more here

SATURDAY 9th February

A round-up of all the big life sciences patent stories in Asia, Europe and North America during January. Read more here

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