RPX closes Blackberry deal; Monsanto wins big in Brazil; TSMC CEO on Globalfoundries settlement; Iancu talks Arthrex; EPO data reveals SME patent priorities; plus much more

Everything we covered on IAM over the last seven days – and all you need to know from the global IP market to set yourself up for the start of another busy week

MONDAY 4th November

Hundreds of patents change hands after Chinese energy group takes Nissan battery business independent. Read more here

In Arthrex decision, CAFC finds constitutional flaw in appointment of PTAB judges but proposes workaround that would hand USPTO head more scope to fire APJs. Read more here 

TUESDAY 5th November

Exact terms of settlement with Globalfoundries remain confidential, but TSMC's CEO suggested to employees that the licence rights are not transferrable should rival be acquired. Read more here

In a big win for Monsanto, Brazilian court issues first-of-its-kind ruling to uphold biotech innovators’ rights to collect royalties on saved GM seeds. Read more here

As personalised medicine treatments grow in popularity, we reveal some best practices to help inventors secure the highest quality patents possible. Read more here

Nokia partnership with Innventure aims to commercialise untapped satellite technology and continues trend to new IP value creation options for owners of large, wide-ranging portfolios. Read more here 

WEDNESDAY 6th November

Invention patents had a coin flip chance of full invalidation by Chinese IP office over the past decade, but last three years show a higher survival rate. Read more here

Study released by the European Patent Office sheds light on the growing sophistication of smaller businesses seeking protection for their inventions. Read more here

We’re keeping a very close eye on Arthrex, says Iancu at annual IAM patent litigation event in Washington DC. Read more here

THURSDAY 7th November

LG Electronics is the latest infrequent plaintiff to sue a Chinese TV maker, in a move that underlines challenges for licensors in the space. Read more here

Seattle Genetics demand for rights to Daiichi Sankyo’s potential blockbuster cancer treatment demonstrates the IP dangers of life sciences collaborations. Read more here

Artificial intelligence has the potential to change the entire nature of the invention process and, therefore, the criteria under which patents are awarded. Read more here

FRIDAY 8th November

UMC and Fujian Jinhua Integrated Circuit get chance to review trade secrets they are accused of stealing in Hong Kong after lawyers for Micron fail to convince US judge of IP theft risk. Read more here

A recently issued WIPO report based on multiple data points sheds light on the state of play in worldwide patenting activity. Read more here

Catch-up on the most important life sciences IP developments from the past month in IAM’s review of October’s big stories. Read more here

RPX closes transaction with Fundamental Innovation Systems International giving members coverage on former Blackberry USB charging patents; Apple also settles infringement case. Read more here

SATURDAY 9th November

In this week’s Saturday opinion piece, IPCOM managing director Pio Suh explains why he believes firms such as his have a key role to play in FRAND licensing. Read more here

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