Pure Storage’s patent team reveals strategy; how REATISS responded when Ukraine was invaded; Nokia wins German SEP injunction; plus much more

Everything we covered on IAM over the last seven days – and all you need to know from the global IP market to set yourself up for the start of another busy week

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The Long Read

It is more important than ever to challenge the belief that strong IP protection discourages innovation and hinders a healthy market, argues Torrey H Webb Professor of Law Jonathan M Barnett. Read more here.


Although few disputes reach trial, some rights holders have won big in the Southern District of New York, which also boasts one of the speediest dockets in the US. Read more here.

Pfizer’s partnership with Roivant Sciences to commercialise autoimmune assets is the latest in a series of deals aimed at taking advantage of IP cast-offs. Read more here.


Despite the Russian invasion, Kyiv-based REATISS has carried on working. At IPBC Global in Chicago, two of its management team explained how – and why. Read more here.

The transitional period to the EU’s SPC manufacturing waiver has ended; imitator and originator drug companies must now factor the waiver into their plans. Read more here

A crack team aided by outside counsel and a novel way of looking at inventor awards are helping Pure Storage’s patent function make its mark. Read more here.


Nokia has won a second victory in quick succession in its high-stakes multi-jurisdictional licensing dispute with Oppo. Read more here.

The global head of Adeia’s media IP business reflects on how the pandemic impacted litigation and licensing negotiation strategies, and what the future looks like. Read more here.


L'Oréal was the leading corporate applicant for EU trademarks across 12 months, according to EUIPO data. Read more here.

There is often an assumption that reverse engineering of machine learning models is not possible, but that need not be the case. Read more here.


China achieved $46 billion in IP financing in 2021 and offers a number of lessons to the rest of the world. Read more here.

The torrent of patent lawsuits relating to mRNA vaccines and other covid-19-related products continues, with CureVac filing a patent infringement complaint against BioNTech. Read more here.

Toyota and Honda ramp up patent filings as wireless technologies increasingly become a litigation battlefield. Read more here.


Stakeholders need to accept the fact that the patentability of many types of inventions may run into eligibility difficulties in the US, and plan accordingly. Read more here.

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