Apple hit with $1.4bn suit; Bristol Myers IP head exclusive interview; Major Chinese FRAND decision; RPX swoops for AR assets; Intel’s patent advantage; plus much more

Everything we covered on IAM over the last seven days – and all you need to know from the global IP market to set yourself up for the start of another busy week

MONDAY 3rd August

One month after China’s top court resurrected its patent for a voice-activated virtual assistant, Shanghai’s Xiao-i has again sued Apple for infringement and is seeking $1.4 billion in damages. Read more here

Auto IP leaders will need a steep SEP learning curve if the industry is to make the most of the new era of connectivity. Read more here

Qualcomm’s deal with Huawei will help compensate for drop in handset sales, while chip giant’s invention disclosures surge despite impact of covid-19. Read more here

TUESDAY 4th August

Xiaomi and other brands face legal challenges in India as the country rethinks bilateral tech trade and pushes to create its own national champion. Read more here

A recent PTAB decision that an Arbutus Biopharma patent protecting an RNA and mRNA delivery platform is valid sets the scene for a court dispute over a leading covid-19 vaccine candidate. Read more here

There is no evidence that patents are acting as an impediment to covid-19 research, says Bristol Myers Squibb IP head in exclusive IAM interview. Read more here

WEDNESDAY 5th August

Exclusive analysis of China’s first top-down FRAND royalty decision, issued by the Nanjing People's Court in Huawei v Conversant. Read more here

António Campinos and Andrei Iancu are among the confirmed speakers participating in IAM’s ground-breaking IPBC Connect, being held over the course of next month. Read more here

Bringing a new technology to market can mean commercial success, but a contrast in the relevant case law means inventors should tread carefully when considering what to disclose. Read more here

As the race to find coronavirus cures intensifies, we explore how legislation might be deployed in Brazil, Canada, Mexico and the US to enable compulsory licensing. Read more here

From moving beyond auto to questions of price and a chance to hit the accelerator, there’s much to dissect in the DoJ green light for a new Avanci 5G licensing programme. Read more here

THURSDAY 6th August

The head of IP at automaker Honda has reported favourably on an initiative launched last year to employ AI-based systems in making patent maintenance decisions. Read more here

The CAFC has ruled that sovereign immunity protects state entities such as universities from being involuntarily involved in patent lawsuits. Read more here

"Licensing is all about momentum and we certainly have a good amount of that now,” says InterDigital CEO as revenues surge on the back of a deal with Huawei. Read more here

FRIDAY 7th August

Smartphone lens maker, Taiwan-based Asia Optical, chooses Japan for its first foray into patent litigation as it launches a Tokyo suit against Samsung. Read more here

Intel has taken a number of hits to its business recently, but analysis of its patent holdings shows that it could still have a few tricks up its sleeve. Read more here

RPX has acquired 150 US patent assets from failed start-up Daqri just over a year since the augmented reality company filed for bankruptcy. Read more here

SATURDAY 8th August

China will play a huge role in shaping the future of video compression technology - and how the surrounding IP is used. Its universities could be a big part of that, if they play their cards right. Read more here

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