Nokia seals Daimler licence deal; Xiaomi’s $1bn royalty spend; TiVo beats RPX to video IP; Major patent shake-up in China; IPBC Global set for Seattle; plus much more

Everything we covered on IAM over the last seven days – and all you need to know from the global IP market to set yourself up for the start of another busy week

The Long Read

Apple, Facebook and Google all have a prolific public record of promoting Diversion, Equality and Inclusion within their organisations. But a deep drill into USPTO patent data by Michael Pellegrino reveals that they are not yet meeting their ambitions with their own inventor corps. Read more here

MONDAY 31st May

The Fourth Amendment to China's Patent Law, which becomes effective on 1st June 2021, strengthens patent protection, while making the IP system more flexible and sophisticated. Read more here

The Open Invention Network, the defensive patent community that is focused on safeguarding Linux, has been so successful that it could now have outgrown the reasons for its establishment. Read more here

TUESDAY 1st June

Nokia and Daimler have settled all litigation between them and have entered into an agreement under which the German auto company will pay to license Nokia mobile telecoms technology. Read more here

In the first quarter of this year, Xiaomi racked up Rmb 2.1 billion, or around $339 million, in licensing fees; while for FY 2020, the figure stood at just under $1 billion. Read more here

The Ono Pharmaceutical decision is the latest in a series showing the need for caution when seeking all-important extension rights in Australia. Read more here


IPBC Global returns as an in-person event in November 2021. Taking place in Seattle, it will have a cutting-edge programme of sessions and a wide variety of networking opportunities. Read more here

On Monday, the New Zealand kiwifruit co-operative Zespri launched a one-month voting process, asking growers to approve a new strategy for dealing with unauthorised plantings in China. Read more here


A report commissioned by Australia’s Minister for Industry, Science and Technology has recommended creating a low-cost IP court to increase SME participation in the patent system. Read more here

US inventor groups have criticised legislation mandating rapid recordal of patent assignments, but it would increase transparency and may help create more interest in patents as an asset class. Read more here

Oppo has added 1,400 patents to its portfolio through third-party acquisitions. It favours smaller purchases but does business with everyone from major tech companies to NPEs. Read more here

FRIDAY 4th June

Nokia’s settlement deal with Daimler poses more questions than it provides answers. That means uncertainty around FRAND licensing and SEPs in the auto sector and beyond is set to continue. Read more here

Newly-created Suzhou Lekin Semiconductor has been revealed as the entity that recently acquired over 10,000 LED patents from LG Innotek. Read more here

TiVo recently fought off an auction challenge from RPX to secure a portfolio of patents previously owned by a bankrupt, app-based, pay TV video delivery solutions business. Read more here


Increasing public and private investments in R&D and broadband infrastructure are vital if the US is to compete successfully with China in the 21st century. Read more here

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