BlackBerry patent buyer named; Licensing success drives Nokia profits; Meta patent head on IP risk; US SEP policy surprise; Apple’s $355 billion brand; plus much more

Everything we covered on IAM over the last seven days – and all you need to know from the global IP market to set yourself up for the start of another busy week

The Long Read

Comprehensive US patent litigation data for 2021, compiled by Docket Navigator, shows more district court suits and a continuing decline in PTAB filings. Angela Morris speaks to expert practitioners to unpack the narratives behind the numbers. Read more here

MONDAY 31 January

We exclusively reveal who is leading the US-based entity that has bought 38,000 patent assets from BlackBerry for a total of $600 million. Read more here

An impressive roster of chief IP counsel from a range of industries talk IP risk: where it comes from, what form it takes when it hits, how to measure its seriousness and ways to plan accordingly. Read more here

Apple remains the world’s most valuable brand, with a record valuation of more than $355 billion, according to the latest Brand Finance Global 500. Read more here

Docket Navigator data shows the rate of Fintiv discretionary denials was cut in half in top US patent courts in 2021 as defendants adapted their legal strategies. Read more here

TUESDAY 1 February

WIPO Proof, the digital timestamping service, has officially closed. Despite a strong backend, it suffered from competition, miscalibration and a lack of international legal harmonisation. Read more here

The flexibility of the English courts in patent cases has been on full display in the epic Neurim Pharmaceuticals v Mylan dispute. Read more here   

Meta patent head Jeremiah Chan talks about the biggest IP risk challenges that his current company has faced, as well as those at Google when he held a leadership position there. Read more here

WEDNESDAY 2 February

German licensing firm IPCom and Chinese lab Langbo have agreed a strategic collaboration that will initially focus on patent prosecution but could expand into areas such as R&D and licensing. Read more here

THURSDAY 3 February

Public records show that Apple has obtained 14 video-related US patent assets from South Korean research entity XRIS Corporation. Read more here

A $1.25 billion settlement between GSK and Gilead, that also includes ongoing royalties, shows the astronomical financial value that individual pharmaceutical patents can have. Read more here

In the latest example of 5G patent sales generating US litigation, an NPE has filed suit against ZTE, OnePlus and TCL alleging infringement of IP it recently purchased from a Chinese R&D group. Read more here

With its $600 million patent sale, BlackBerry has secured another three years’ worth of income from an encumbered portfolio, while the buyers can take high-quality assets into new markets. Read more here

FRIDAY 4 February

The IP licensing business was responsible for over 40% of Nokia’s net profit in FY 2021, underlining how critical it is at a time when the company’s operating segments are emerging from a reset. Read more here

The outcome of a case recently referred to the EPO’s Enlarged Board of Appeal could have major ramifications for US applicants and life sciences innovators. Read more here

The consultation period on proposals to change the wording of the DoJ/USPTO/NIST policy statement on SEP licensing has now closed, with just 81 comments so far published. Read more here

SATURDAY 5 February

In a surprise development, Michelle Lee has joined other former USPTO directors Andrei Iancu and David Kappos in criticising proposed Biden Administration changes to US SEP licensing policy. Read more here

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