BlackBerry patent sale in trouble; Ford takes Avanci licence; Qualcomm’s 4G SEP lead; AT&T’s $1bn secret sauce; Asia’s elite IP companies named; plus much more

BlackBerry patent sale in trouble; Ford takes Avanci licence; Qualcomm’s 4G SEP lead; AT&T’s $1bn secret sauce; Asia’s elite IP companies named; plus much more

Everything we covered on IAM over the last seven days – and all you need to know from the global IP market to set yourself up for the start of another busy week.

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The Long Read

Scott Frank, President and CEO of AT&T’s IP operation, reveals how its team of patent developers takes a venture capital approach to interactions with inventors and lawyers to ensure the development of a highly diversified, billion-dollar revenue-generating, portfolio. Read more here


IAM today published its latest list of Asia’s IP Elite – the organisations across the region that place IP at the heart of their business strategies. Read more here

IPwe founder Erich Spangenberg talks exclusively about the new patterns of patent deal-making made possible by developing technologies such as AI and blockchain. Read more here

Data from Docket Navigator shows that US patent litigation against major auto manufacturers rose sharply in 2021. Read more here


Benjamin Bai, the outgoing head of IP at Ant Group, talks about the major developments he saw during his five years at Alibaba’s digital payments-focused offshoot. Read more here

Ford has taken a global licence from Avanci less than a fortnight since being hit by an injunction in Germany after having been found to infringe an SEP owned by IP Bridge. Read more here


Blackberry’s mooted $600 million patent sale has hit trouble after the company announced the buyer failed to meet an end of May financing deadline. Read more here

The Mannheim Regional Court has thrown out Deutsche Telekom’s €300 million FRAND-related antitrust suit against German-based NPE IPCom. Read more here


A new study by advisory firm Tech+IP Capital suggests that Qualcomm is the 4G SEP holder with the greatest global reach. Read more here

Current uncertainties at the EPO over description amendment requirements may have to be referred to the Enlarged Board of Appeal for resolution. Read more here

Western Digital IP head David Dutcher explains how mentoring programmes increased female invention disclosures by 26% and why that matters as the semiconductor shortage continues. Read more here


With IPBC Asia on the calendar from 31 October­­ to 2 November in Tokyo, travellers from many major patent markets can obtain business visas to visit Japan – and IAM can help. Read more here

Practitioners say there are clear signs that the new USPTO leadership is taking the issue of IPR abuse seriously but is not rushing into a policy decision. Read more here

Since being sworn-in as the head of the USPTO, Kathi Vidal has rolled-out new IPR decision review procedures, revealed plans to boost patent quality and pledged to look closely at eligibility. Read more here


Words and resources are nice, but the USPTO needs to deliver more concrete measures on innovator diversity. Read more here

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